Jim Jordan Says Impeachment Case Nothing But ‘Presumptions, Assumptions, and Hearsay’


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH-04), a member of President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team, said the Democrats’ case for removing the president from office amounts to nothing more than “presumptions, assumptions, and hearsay.”

“Their whole case is presumptions, assumptions, and hearsay. They don’t have the facts. They make things up,” Jordan said during an appearance on Fox News Friday night. Jordan was a vocal defender of the president during the House’s impeachment inquiry and was recruited to join Trump’s defense team along with Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX-04).

The House impeachment managers concluded presenting their case against Trump Friday and the president’s defense team began presenting its argument Saturday.

“Frankly, it shouldn’t surprise us,” Jordan continued. “Remember, Adam Schiff is the guy who told us for two years, ‘I have more than circumstantial evidence President Trump worked with the Russians to influence the election.’ That wasn’t true. Adam Schiff’s the guy who told us that the Nunes memo wasn’t accurate. That turned out to be false.”

Jordan went on to claim that the “facts” and the “Constitutional principles” are “solidly on the president’s side.”

“The unfair process is another great argument the White House can make because what they did in the House was very unfair to the president,” Jordan continued.

In a separate interview, Jordan said he believes the trial will wrap up by late this week since the Democrats won’t be able to convince Republicans in the Senate to bring in witnesses.

“I feel real confident that hopefully next week we’ll get this decision and get this thing over with and get on to the business of the American people,” Jordan said. “When you have [Democrats] talking for this long and not seeming to move anyone, the American people don’t seem to be tuning in to this as much as we might have anticipated. I think it looks good for the president.”

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