Bill Hagerty Opens First Campaign Office in Gallatin, His Hometown



GALLATIN, Tennessee — With great fanfare, and with help from Donald Trump Jr., U.S. Senate Republican candidate Bill Hagerty opened his first campaign office Tuesday in Gallatin, his hometown.

Trump gave a speech.

There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

And campaign volunteer Jack Bratten, who came all the way from Brentwood, said he wants to see Hagerty win. Bratten said he will do his part to help make it happen.

“I love what Bill Hagerty is doing. I really support him and he is going to help make Tennessee better. He’s going to work with the president, and he will bring more jobs here to Tennessee. I can’t wait to see what else he will do,” Bratten told The Tennessee Star.

Bratten said he expects to work as a volunteer full-time, and into the summer, if necessary.

But Bratten said the best part of this day was meeting the president’s son.

“Oh it was so exciting. I was super thrilled that not only I got to meet him but that he and his family want to help Bill Hagerty out with the campaign and that they really support him. I was really excited for him,” Bratten said.

“I got to take a picture with him. It was good. I went on stage and gathered around him and took a picture. I also got a selfie, which I know is pretty exciting.”

The primary is scheduled for Aug. 6.

Hagerty staff told The Star the candidate will open other campaign offices around the state, although they did not specify where, exactly.

Donald Trump Jr. told a crowd in Gallatin earlier that day that Hagerty “was on the Trump train before it was politically expedient.” And that, Trump went on to say, is why his dad endorsed Hagerty so early in the campaign.

Trump and his girlfriend, former FOX News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, spoke at a fundraiser for Hagerty at Gallatin’s EPIC Event Centre.

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Photo “Bill Hagerty and Donald Trump Jr.” by Bill Hagerty. 






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