State Representative Micah Van Huss Files Resolution Recognizing CNN and The Washington Post as ‘Fake News’


Representative Micah Van Huss (R-Jonesborough) filed a resolution Wednesday that recognizes CNN and The Washington Post as fake news.

The resolution, HJR0779, was filed as a “Statement of Intent or Position” by the Tennessee General Assembly. Initiated in the House, when it passes, the Senate will then vote to concur with the resolution.

In addition to recognizing the media outlets as fake news, the resolution goes on to condemn CNN and The Washington Post for “denigrating our citizens.”

Representative Van Huss calls out CNN and The Washington Post for being part of the media wing of the Democratic Party.

The Washington Post is named for writing on October 3, 2019, that President Donald J. Trump has cast a spell on the Republican Party and suggested that Trumpism is cult-like.

CNN is cited for a host suggesting on November 24, 2019, that Trump supporters belong to a cult and that our president is using mind control.

Just this week, CNN came under fire for a weekend segment with Don Lemon and two guests insulting Trump and his supporters. As Don Lemon laughed uncontrollably to the point of tears, there was name calling and insults aplenty from the two guests.

As reported, their collective actions prompted a Twitter user to “deliver a blistering response to the liberal elite.”

Representative Van Huss’s resolution goes on to infer the cunning of fake news outlets by suggesting ideas “without directly making accusations so that they can claim innocence from their ivory towers.”

In a series of whereas clauses, Representative Van Huss points out the flaws of the “cult-of-Trump” meme from the left, calling it a psychological projection that isn’t a reasoned argument or even an objective description.

The mainstream media is said to be in a “panic” due to President Trump opening the eyes of many average Americans who are tired of politics as usual, being politicians’ political pawns, and the needs of every other country being put before their own.

President Trump is recognized for understanding the frustrations of the American people when he ran for office and for taking a stand on behalf of the middle class and everyday people. The resolution says that is for those reasons that President Trump is growing support.

In addition to “denigrating our citizens,” the resolution condemns CNN and The Washington Post, with their suggestions of cult-like behavior by Trump supporters, for implying citizens “are weak-minded followers instead of people exercising their rights that our veterans paid for with their blood.”

The last line in the resolution is likely personal for Representative Van Huss, himself a six-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps with three deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan.

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Laura Baigert is a senior reporter at The Tennessee Star.
Background Photo “CNN and Washington Post Fake News” by Micah Van Huss. 





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  1. […] Micah Van Huss, representative for an area with two main roads and one stoplight, penned this poorly-worded series of “Whereas” clauses. The two-page screed takes issue with references to those who support our current president as “cultists,” praises President Trump for taking on the establishment for the working man, and if passed, officially declares CNN and WaPo as “the media wing of the Democratic Party.” […]