Sherrod Brown and Leading Democratic Senators Mount a Last-Minute Plea for Impeachment Witness Vote


Ohio’s Senator Sherrod Brown along with other top Democratic Senators held a press conference Friday about the upcoming impeachment witness vote.

Brown, who spoke after Minority Leader Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Patty Murray (D-MA), focused mainly on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell when at the podium.

“We know that Mitch McConnell announced ahead of time what the verdict was going to be that he was going to acquit this president,” Brown said. “Mitch McConnell wants this trial over quickly with as little public attention as possible.”

The Senator from Ohio said the Republican colleagues he spoke to in private “showed fear in their eyes” when they talked about voting against President Donald Trump.

Brown concluded this impeachment trial is a “sham” if witnesses, testimony and evidence are not allowed.

“I’m hopeful that we keep trying to get witnesses, but if we acquit this president it sets a precedent you can abuse your office and Congress will simply look the other way,” he said.

During the press conference, Chuck Schumer, who was the main speaker, appeared to scold Brown and Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) at joking around at the press conference.

Schumer’s remarks featured dire warnings for Republicans who voted against impeachment witnesses.

“Republican senators who decide to go against the will of the people will have to reckon with it” he said. “If my Republican colleagues refuse to even consider witnesses and documents in this trial, this country is headed to towards the greatest cover up since Watergate.”

When Schumer spoke, he spoke of Republicans who announced their decisions Thursday night.

“It’s deeply disturbing that on something of such importance to the future of our democracy, a few of my Republican colleagues announced last night they’d vote against hearing additional evidence,” the New York Senator said.

The colleagues he was referencing were Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander and Maine Senator Susan Collins who said they would be voting against impeachment witnesses. Both of these people were being targeted by Democrats to get to vote “yes” on this matter.

On Friday, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), another Republican on the fence, said she would vote against impeachment witnesses.

The only swing Republican vote that will side with the Democrats is Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT).

Republicans, who hold the majority in the Senate 53-47, are expected to vote against impeachment witnesses Friday evening.

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