State Reps Ask Two More Minnesota Counties to Become Second Amendment Sanctuaries


Republican state lawmakers have asked two more Minnesota counties to become Second Amendment “sanctuary” jurisdictions, which are areas that refuse to enforce gun control measures.

Letters were sent to the Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners in late January requesting that they become Second Amendment sanctuaries.

“With nearly 400 counties across the country adopting resolutions to make their jurisdictions Second Amendment sanctuary counties, we as Otter Tail County legislators want to encourage the elected commissioners of Otter Tail County to do the same,” said the January 23 letter.

The lawmakers said they oppose any efforts to pass universal background checks or bans on modern sporting rifles.

“The Second Amendment is under attack across the country, and the Minnesota State Legislature has made attempt after attempt to circumvent the Second Amendment with laws that violate our Constitutional right to bear arms and our right to due process,” the letter continues. “We call on you to adopt a resolution to protect the Second Amendment at the county level so that if overreaching gun control measures pass the Legislature in the future, our citizens do not have to worry about losing their Constitutional rights.”

The letter sent to Douglas County officials contained similar language and encouraged the commissioners to “provide leadership at the county level by protecting the Second Amendment rights enshrined in our constitution.”

A group of Republicans from Sherburne County sent a letter to its board of commissioners in January with an identical request, The Minnesota Sun reported.

The letters follow a Minnesota Senate “violence prevention” hearing in Hibbing, which saw the discussion of a number of gun-related bills that will be considered during the upcoming legislative session. At the hearing, Democratic lawmakers called for expanded background checks and “red flag” laws while Republicans announced plans to introduce constitutional carry and “stand your ground” bills.

The Otter Tail County letter was signed by Reps. Mary Franson (R-Alexandria), Bud Nornes (R-Fergus Falls), and Steve Green (R-Fosston), and Sens. Bill Ingebrigtsen (R-Alexandria) and Paul Utke (R-Park Rapids). The Douglas County letter was signed by Reps. Franson, Paul Anderson (R-Starbuck), and Jeff Backer (R-Browns Valley), and Sens. Ingebrigtsen and Torrey Westrom (R-Elbow Lake).

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