Steve Cohen Brags Donald Trump’s Record Is Blemished With Impeachment and Mitt Romney Voting Against Him


U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) said Wednesday that U.S. Republican President Donald Trump will forever have his name tarnished with the word impeachment, and it doesn’t matter that the U.S. Senate voted to acquit him.

Cohen said as much in a statement on his website immediately after Wednesday’s vote.

Cohen seemed to delight in other aspects of the impeachment trial.

And without mentioning the name of U.S. Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, Cohen said the vote to remove Trump was bipartisan.

Romney voted to convict Trump.

“I voted for the articles of impeachment in the Judiciary Committee and on the House floor and believe the House managers proved their case in the Senate beyond a reasonable doubt. Because the Senate required a two-thirds vote to remove the President from office, he will remain,” Cohen wrote.

“But his ignominious impeachment will always be the legacy of his reckless and lawless presidency. A bipartisan majority of Congress has voted to impeach or convict him, and that’s a blemish on his record that the American public should consider in evaluating his remaining time in office.”

As reported, Cohen made similar remarks last summer, several months before the U.S. House of Representatives even impeached the president.

Cohen said on MSNBC the real reason he wanted to see Trump impeached was so Trump could have a “scarlet letter on him.”

“We’re moving along [on impeachment],” Cohen told host David Gura at the time. “This is a lawless president who should be impeached, and that’s our job under the Constitution if we see violations. It’s a political decision, but we ought to be making a decision in the best interest for democracy, and that’s to impeach the man.”

Cohen, who represents Memphis, also said “I’m not suggesting we impeach for politics.”

“I’m saying we ought to do it because he deserves it,” he said.“We need to put a scarlet letter on him. We need to do our duty.”

The Scarlet Letter is a novel that took place in 17th century Boston about a young woman forced to wear a scarlet letter “A” on her breast as punishment for adultery.

As reported last year, Cohen called Trump “the worst person in the world.” Cohen also called Trump a “paranoid, delusional individual” and said one of Trump’s rallies was on par with Nazism.

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13 Thoughts to “Steve Cohen Brags Donald Trump’s Record Is Blemished With Impeachment and Mitt Romney Voting Against Him”

  1. Charles C Schumacher

    A landslide re-election victory in November should go a long way towards removing any vestiges of a stain. What the people of the U.S. think is far more important than anything that Cohen and those of his ilk say.

  2. james R bellar

    colonel sanders has revoked this Bolsheviks chicken the people need to revoke him. I am waiting for an opponent to him. be it democrat or republican I will give money. we all need to as I cant vote against him as I don’t live in his district. his actions are a Bolshevik McCarthy sickness.

  3. Kevin

    This is a GREAT case study in human behavior.

    In Cohen, you have an individual struggling to raise himself above the bottom or second to the bottom rung on Maslow’s Hierarchy! In President Trump, you have an individual who has attained self-actualization or the top rung of Maslow’s pyramid.

    If Cohen wasn’t trying to ruin this country, I’d might actually say that it is sad! But due to his motives, he needs to go!

  4. Cindy Gibbs

    These comments are from a congressman from our great state that embarrassed every sane person in Tennessee by eating CHICKEN at a hearing. Not cute, not funny, gross and embarrassing as H___!

  5. Greg G

    We need a black Republican opponent for Cohen this fall. We also need for Dr. Carol Swain to run against the professional politician Cooper in Nashville.

  6. Ed

    It’s totally irrelevant what Cohen says or thinks. The American people saw the sham in their
    “impeachment” and, their desperation. The democrats have nothing of facts or policy to offer
    and should be rejected until they choose to become Americans again.

  7. M Waters

    Cohen, The impeachment of President Trump will forever be a BLEMISH on the Democratic Party. For political purposes and trying to win the 2020 election, they tried to impeach a president that is working for free for Americans and continues to do so. NOT a blemish on him, just a big pimple on the nose of Pelosi, Shumer, Schift and the Democratic Party. I am proud that I no longer associate myself with it.

  8. Julie

    Cohen is fine with being a far-left loose cannon with the media because he knows the people of Memphis will continue to vote for him.

  9. Julie

    The only reason Cohen feels comfortable being far-left in public is because he knows the voters in Memphis will continue to vote for him.

    1. Traditional Thinker

      If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times people. Cohen is the “It” clown from the movie who lures children into the storm sewer drains and kills them. Anyone who lives underground as such, spews crap from his mouth as he always does. He’s only promoting his next movie sequel.

  10. Habu

    I implore the Tennessee Star Newspaper to stop giving this individual any ink. His antics are childish, unprofessional and beneath the dignity of the political office he occupies. Disgusting!

  11. John Bumpus

    “U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) said Wednesday that U.S. Republican President Donald Trump will forever have his name tarnished with the word impeachment, and it doesn’t matter that the U.S. Senate voted to acquit him.”

    Au contraire, Rep. Cohen, it matters! U.S. President Donald Trump will forever have his name cleansed and brightly polished with the verdict of ‘ACQUITTED’ rendered by the U.S. Senate to the scurrilous and dishonest charges brought against him by the corrupt partisan Dem majority in the U.S. House of Representatives to their own everlasting shame!

  12. Brit

    Someone in Memphis needs to run against this NUT! I am not the one associated and supporting NANCY THE RIPPER. That way he can same home and enjoy fried chicken.