Caller Donelle: 20 Percent of African Americans Will Vote for Trump in 2020 Based on Policy Performance


In a specific call on Thursday’s Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – Leahy was joined on Music Row by all-star panelist Carol Swainwhen the duo took a call from a man named Donelle.

During the last segment, Leahy talked to Donelle an African American Trump supporter who believes black voters will turn out for Donald Trump in 2020 reaching 20% of the vote. He explained his support for Trump was based on the results he’s seen in the past three years and believes that the school voucher is a winner for all Americans.

Leahy: Donelle from Nashville wants to weigh in and wants to talk about African American voters and Donald Trump.  Welcome Donelle to The Tennessee Star Report.

Donelle: Thank you. I believe when it comes November time it will be 15-20% of the black vote will fall for Donald Trump. I didn’t vote for him. I didn’t vote for Hillary last time or Donald because I didn’t trust either one. But after seeing the results of what he’s doing right now, he’s got my vote.

And I believe that a whole lot of people are going to vote for him. And that’s not saying because of a lot of pressure is being put on people, but I believe when that ballot box comes in November, I believe people are going to be in for a big surprise that he’s going to win big time.

Swain: I agree with you. I believe he could get 20% of the vote. I would like to talk with you and anyone else out there that’s black that has begun to look at the Republicans and Donald Trump. I’d like to talk to you about the Republican Party and what it has to offer. So please get in contact with me. My email is [email protected]. You can go online and find out how to contact me as well.

Leahy: And Donelle. This is a very important call. Tell me, was there one thing that changed your mind about Donald Trump to make you decide that you will vote him in 2020 or was it several things? When did you change your mind and why?

Donelle: I was leaning towards him by the actions of what he’s doing especially with illegal immigration. The issue with that is I’ve seen what they headed up in Chicago when they did the raids and it took the illegal immigrant’s plants and when they had to hire the people there, they had to pay them $4.00 extra. Chicago is mostly a black city.

And I’m not seeing that the policies are helping black people because if you don’t have a job you’re trying to plan to do things. You’ve got to have a job and a foundation. And I see that  Donald Trump is building that foundation. Especially with education. I wish we had a voucher system. I believe it would benefit everybody. It would give everybody a chance.

Swain: I’d like to give you a hug.

Leahy: Donelle, did you hear that from Carol?

Swain: I said I would love to give you a hug. Your spot on man. (Leahy chuckles)

Donelle: I voted for you Carol twice.

Leahy: Oh, there you go.

Swain: Oh, thank you.

Donelle: Thank y’all.

Leahy: Donelle. Thanks so much for the call. That’s something, isn’t it? That’s news.

Swain: It is news and I think it’s happening all over the country. That’s why the Democrats are so frantic. They can’t attack Donald Trump on the issues and the results so the only thing left is his character and to try to raise suspicion on the minds of American voters and that is backfiring.

Leahy: Yeah. I don’t think that’s a winning formula, Carol.

Swain: It isn’t.

Leahy: They’re not the brightest bulbs, are they? (Laughs)

Swain: They used to be. They’re not being very strategic because they’re panicking. And when you panic, you make a lot of mistakes.

Leahy: Very good point.

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