Anti-Gun Group Calls for End to Active-Shooter Drills in Cincinnati Schools


An activist group is calling for an end to active-shooter drills at Cincinnati schools, arguing the readiness efforts are traumatic to students and teachers.

Ohio Students for Gun Legislation, as well as teachers unions, issued the call, according to a story by WKRC.

“The psychological effects outweigh what little good happens. Usually when we do this, we’re ingraining this idea in students that they’re going to have an active shooter in their school, which chances are they won’t. And obviously being prepared is good, that’s an important thing, but they shouldn’t have to go through these psychological effects,” Ethan Nichols, executive director of Ohio Students for Gun Legislation, said.

School board member Mike Moroski said he agreed, and the policy committee is considering suggesting the change to the full board.

Ohio Students for Gun Legislation tweeted, “Thank you for your leadership @mike_moroski!”.

However, CBS News reported in 2018 that the drills can be helpful. They visited Beverly Gardens Elementary School, next to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, in Riverside.

Most students indicated they were scared. But there was another response too.

But one student said the drills make her feel safer because she knows what to do.

“Watching this I felt very emotional. Seeing what their reality is day to day. But I also feel some reassurance knowing that the school is very prepared… it really seemed like the kids knew exactly what to do,” one parent, Arlene, said.

An anti-gun group founded by Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is helping push this agenda.

According to WVXU:

Now, a report released by the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund is calling for changes, arguing these drills cause trauma to students and teachers.

Bloomberg is a founder of Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund.

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One Thought to “Anti-Gun Group Calls for End to Active-Shooter Drills in Cincinnati Schools”

  1. Ron Welch

    Let’s just protect our children in schools like we protect politicians, professional athletes and many other places like other government buildings and major media facilities. And leave citizens alone who exercise their right and CHOICE to keep and carry the means of armed self defense.

    “We the People” have God-given inalienable rights which we have declared in the Bill of Rights. The government has NO rights, but only delegated powers from us. They have NO power to deny or take from us what they have and keep for themselves!