Massachusetts City Allowing Illegal Aliens to Drive Without A License

by Jason Hopkins


City councilors in Cambridge, Massachusetts, voted to prohibit police officers from arresting illegal aliens if they are caught operating a vehicle without a license.

Under a newly passed city ordinance in Cambridge, residents are still legally required to carry a driver’s license if they are operating a vehicle, but local law enforcement has been ordered not to arrest illegal aliens caught driving without identification, Boston 25 News first reported.

The city ordinance, ordained Feb. 10, marks what appears to be the most lenient policy for undocumented immigrants and roadway rules.

The city councillors who passed the ordinance say it’s necessary given increased immigration enforcement emanating from the White House.

“We need to protect our community members from a federal government that’s out of control,” Cambridge City Councilor Quinton Zondervan said of the rule. “There are no other reasons for the police to arrest someone, give them a court summons instead which keeps them out of the clutches of the Trump administration.”

Known as the Welcoming City Ordinance, the rules spell out what is expected of law enforcement if they encounter an illegal alien operating a vehicle.
“When taking action against a person who is found to be driving without a valid driver’s license, officers of the Cambridge Police Department shall, whenever possible in the officer’s discretion and if there are no other violations causing the person to be arrested, issue a summons to court instead of taking the person into custody,” text of the ordinance read.

“In such circumstances, the law enforcement officer taking action shall endeavor to provide the driver a reasonable opportunity to arrange for a properly licensed operator to drive the vehicle before seeking to impound the vehicle, unless the violation is one subject to a statutory or regulatory requirement of vehicle impoundment,” the ordinance continued.

The Welcoming City Ordinance is not limited to roadways, but also forbids law enforcement from inquiring about an individual’s immigration status, and restricts information sharing and cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

A growing number of states have implemented laws allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. New York and New Jersey, for example, recently passed laws that allow illegal aliens to earn a license. However, the ordinance in Cambridge takes the unprecedented step of allowing individuals to operate a vehicle without identification entirely.

Illegal aliens caught driving without a license in the city could still be arrested, but only if there are other circumstances beyond a lack of identification.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the Cambridge Police Department for comment about the law, but no response was immediately provided.

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Jason Hopkins is a reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation.
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11 Thoughts to “Massachusetts City Allowing Illegal Aliens to Drive Without A License”

  1. Bass

    Just look at the group of idiot you nice people voted in. OMG it looks like the bottom of the barrel, were these the only ones running for you to vote for. Just looking at them I could tell they don’t know what they are doing, Well I wish everyone but these 9 the best of luck. Hope you and your families stay safe not only in town but outside of town. They will be driving all over to see how many people they can harm or kill without ever getting punished. I also agree with Habu,

  2. Janice Taylor

    Sounds to me like it’s ok for illegals to drive without a license ! their illegal what part don’t they get . The President should stop this it’s not right who will be responsible when a accident occurs who will pay for the damage the Government? no, it would be the taxes payers they need to be voted out! Such Stupidity

  3. L Powers

    Recall them all!

  4. kirby r walls

    This is a Clear case of Discrimination against law abiding citizens. The citizens of Cambridge should vote these fools out now in a special election.

  5. Deplorable Bay Stater

    Since being in Cambridge is now even more dangerous than it was before this idiotic ordinance went into effect, I have decided not to set foot (or wheel) inside the Cambridge city limits as long as this ordinance is in effect. And by “set foot” I mean both physically and virtually, which includes not patronizing any business located in Cambridge, or contributing to any university (including my alma mater) located in Cambridge. Let them try and subsist on the illegal aliens’ business/contributions.

    I urge everyone to follow this example. Even though this amounts to punishing entities which may not be directly responsible for the policy, it’s important to understand that, at a minimum, they are, through their silence, indirectly promoting the idiotic policies of the Cambridge city government.

  6. Diana

    Remove kale these council members, they are breaking the law!! If this were a citizenthey would pay a fine and have go to court!! Illegals are getting away with every on the books even murder!! I PRAY TO GOD THAT HE WILL TAKE ACTION AGAINST THESE LAW BREAKERS AND PUT THEM IN PRISON FOR LIFE AND SEND THE ILLEGALS BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY WHERE THEY BELONG!! IF YOU CANNOT FOLLOW OUR LAS YOU DONT BLONGHERE!!

  7. Pav

    Interesting to see what happens when those who couldn’t pass the test, too young, ect… start to drive without a license. And of course no one will have insurance.

  8. LB

    Just look at this group of people. I tried to figure out who the leader was that would influence them to vote for this stupid ordinance. I couldn’t come up with the one. No doubt they have a City or County attorney or Mayor pulling the puppet strings. That’s why its so important that voters do their research when they go to the voting box. Become actively involved in your local politics. There are groups popping up in every city for you to get involved in. Facebook is a good place to fine them and ask people at church or friends. This same stupid thing could happen if you have liberal leadership in your city or county.

  9. Habu

    The city council of Cambridge, Mass. should be removed enmass from office. What in the hell are these idiots thinking? No drivers license, no insurance, no penalty for breaking the law – twice. What’s next, allowing illegals to commit any crime with immunity. Good grief people, wakeup!
    If you want to help the illegals, give them instructions on how to obtain a Green Card or become American citizens. Don’t encourage them to continue violating the law.

    1. 83ragtop50

      Habu, you are 100% correct.

    2. Agreed,
      People seem to forget WE THE PEOPLE have the power to stop this. Vote these governing officials OUT.