At Least Seven Bloomberg Offices Have Been Vandalized

by Andrew Kerr


At least seven Michael Bloomberg campaign offices have been vandalized in February with messages the campaign says mirror the rhetoric of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Campaign offices in Chicago, Ohio and Michigan have been spray-painted with messages such as “racist oligarch fuck Bloomberg,” “corporate pig” and “eat the rich” over the past two weeks, NBC News reported.

Bloomberg campaign office in Salt Lake City also had its windows smashed Friday night. Multiple rocks were found inside the office the next morning, the campaign said.

No evidence has emerged showing that Sanders supporters are responsible for any of the incidents, but the Bloomberg campaign has repeatedly accused the Democratic frontrunner of inspiring the acts.

“While we do not know who is directly responsible, we do know Senator Bernie Sanders and his campaign have repeatedly invoked this language, and the word ‘oligarch’ specifically when discussing Mike Bloomberg and his campaign,” Bloomberg campaign manager Kevin Sheekey said Monday. “Sen. Sanders’ refusal to denounce these illegal acts is a sign of his inability to lead, and his willingness to condone and promote Trump-like rhetoric has no place in our politics.”

The Bloomberg campaign posted pictures of some of its vandalized offices Monday on Twitter.

Nobody has been injured in any of the acts of vandalism, the Bloomberg campaign told NBC News.

The Sanders campaign has not responded to Bloomberg’s call to denounce acts of vandalism.

The Sanders campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

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Andrew Kerr is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
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One Thought to “At Least Seven Bloomberg Offices Have Been Vandalized”

  1. Steve Allen

    This is only the tip of the iceberg if Comrade Sanders doesn’t get the nomination. And if he does and after he loses historically then the real violence will begin. Better start prepping the FEMA internment camps.