New Poll Shows Bernie with Big Leads in Michigan and Wisconsin


A new poll shows Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) with significant leads over his Democratic primary opponents in Michigan and Wisconsin.

The poll, released Sunday by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Elections Research Center, shows Sanders leading by nine percentage points in Michigan and 17 percentage points in Wisconsin. His lead is much tighter in Pennsylvania, where the poll had him ahead by five percentage points.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg polled in second and third place, respectively, in all three states.

“Sanders is well positioned to pick up the lion’s share of delegates in these states unless another Democrat breaks away from the pack to challenge him,” Barry Burden, a political science professor and director of the Elections Research Center, said in a press release.

The poll had Democrats with a “slight advantage on average” in hypothetical general election matchups against President Donald Trump, but “not one that comfortably exceeds the survey’s margin of error.”

“All three states are up for grabs in 2020,” Burden explained. “Trump is in a more difficult position in Michigan than the other two states, but each of the Midwest battlegrounds could be won by either party, almost regardless of who becomes the Democratic nominee.”

The survey notes that its results are likely to be most predictive in Michigan, since its March 10 primary is the first of the three contests. Wisconsin’s presidential primary will take place on April 7 followed by Pennsylvania on April 28.

Sanders finished in first in both Michigan and Wisconsin in 2016, but came in second to Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania.

The poll found President Trump’s approval rating was similar across all three states. An average of 43 percent of respondents said they strongly or somewhat approve of his performance while 53 percent said they disapprove.

A majority of respondents in all three states said they believe the country is on the “wrong track.”

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