Judson Phillips Commentary: Democrats, Be Careful What You Wish For


The Democrat Party may not remember the old adage about being careful what you wish for, but it is about to get a real lesson in what that proverb means.

For the last few weeks, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the power brokers in the Democrat Party have been almost frantic and single-minded in their determination to stop “Bolshevik Bernie” Sanders from winning the Democrat nomination.

Their fears are justified. They believe a Sanders ticket would lead the Democrats to an almost unprecedented defeat. It is not just that they would not take back the White House. They would lose the important downticket races as well. And what is not said – but probably more important to the Democrat power brokers – is that Sanders people would be in charge at the DNC.

Enter Joe Biden.

He became the establishment’s savior. And he has now vanquished, not only the also-rans who dropped out long ago, but Mike Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.

And he looks like he could dispose of Bolshevik Bernie by the time Michigan’s primary is over on March 10, and be on his way to the Democratic Convention in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee, we have a problem.

Joe Biden is a walking disaster. In fact, he is more than that. Joe Biden has a major cognitive dysfunction. Is it senility? Is it Alzheimer’s? It is obvious to anyone who watches him. It isn’t just that he makes the occasional mistake. He makes insane comments. He says he is running for the Senate. He says he will appoint the first black woman to the Senate. He confuses his wife and his sister. Who can forget that bizarre rant in New Hampshire where he called a student, a “lying dog faced pony soldier?”

Biden has flown somewhat under the radar for a while because there were so many candidates and the media is sympathetic to the Democrats and desperately wants to defeat President Trump this November.

Can you imagine Joe Biden in a debate with Donald Trump?

It will only take one bizarre statement to convince millions of Americans that they don’t want this guy anywhere near the nuclear button.

While the Democrat Establishment is now breathing a sigh of relief that it dodged Bolshevik Bernie, it is going to have to deal with the fact it has a presumptive nominee who may be on the fast track to mental incompetence.

What do they do?

It is not a far-fetched question. Joe Biden has run for president three times and it is almost inconceivable that he would suddenly announce, just as he finally gets the nomination, that he isn’t going to be the nominee.

Would the Democrats engage in some backroom deals to remove Biden as the nominee and try to put a fresh candidate in there?

Don’t put that past the Democrats. Hillary Clinton still waits in the wings, salivating over the possibility of a rematch against Donald Trump. There are others that would gladly jump in.

Just because it looks like Joe Biden is on the cusp of winning doesn’t mean this race is over; and don’t be surprised if Joe Biden is not the Democrat nominee this fall.








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