Washington Journalist Neil McCabe Gives His Take on Joe Biden’s ‘Cognitive Issues’ and His Immunity From Being Questioned

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On Wednesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – Michael Patrick Leahy and all-star panelist Crom Carmichael spoke with special guest former Breitbart colleague and Washington journalist Neil McCabe.

During the third hour, McCabe gave his take on Joe Biden’s current mental state noting that he has had a past with brain aneurysms and is clearly showing signs of faulty wiring. He added that the Democratic front will stick behind and coddle Biden by surrounding him during the remainder of his campaign and if elected.

Leahy: We switch now to Neil McCabe, Washington journalist, a good friend and long time colleague of mine at Breitbart. Good morning Neil McCabe.

McCabe: Hey Mike how is it going? That doctor was quite fascinating. You have quite a listener base to have people like that just call in.

Leahy: Yes, Rod knows what he’s talking about obviously. He’s been there as a registered nurse in the emergency room for some time. Hopefully, we’ll get him to call back again with more details.

McCabe: Wonderful!

Leahy: Yeah. Great guy. He described his experience going in for a coronavirus test. He has got to wait 72 hours to get a response on that.

McCabe: Well you know I think if we step back we can see really how the FDA and the CDC have created all of these crazy rules. All of these crazy regulations and have really sort of shackled what would be like a sort of the natural response of American businesses and American hospitals and American medical professionals.

Why is it that a lab in Kansas isn’t allowed to test for a disease without, they can’t test for disease without permission from some hack in Washington, D.C.? And I think it really, after this whole thing is over and I hope it’s over soon.

I know so many people are worried about it. And so many people are suffering with this. But we really have to take a look at why everything is centralized in Washington, D.C. and the people who work there. A lot of them are wonderful professionals. But a lot of them are just hacks.

Leahy: Yeah. Speaking of hacks, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Crom Carmichael is here laughing when I mention hack when I mentioned Schumer and Pelosi. They are responding to this coronavirus spread with highly predictable politicized responses, aren’t they?

McCabe: Well, Nancy Pelosi is also continuing up her traveling schedule, and she’s forcing staffers and I imagine she has a security detail. So there’s an entourage that travels with Nancy Pelosi all over the country when she continues to do her fundraisers.

And then I imagine she’ll be overseas again. Usually every quarter or, so she visits Italy a country that’s under quarantine. The whole country. When Nancy Pelosi says what she thinks will be politically advantageous, but the truth is if you look at what she’s actually doing, I believe she’s also flying commercial for the political optics. She’s not using the Air Force planes that are available to her going into the 2020 election.

Leahy: So the President just signed a bill to spend eight billion with a B on the coronavirus issue. Apparently we don’t have enough testing kits. What are they using those 8 billion dollars for?

McCabe: I think a lot of friends of friends will do very very well. (Leahy laughs) 100 years from now they’ll be some obnoxious kid from Princeton, and they’ll say well, wow, where did he get his money? And he’ll say, well years ago there was this coronavirus grandfather got a contract to polish doorknobs in federal buildings.

Carmichael: Was that grandfather’s name James Biden?


Leahy: That’s Crom Carmichael. Hey, let’s shift gears a little bit to what’s happening politically. Joe Biden won Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri and got about a 200 delegate league. Is it over for Bernie?

McCabe: I had a conversation with one of Bernie’s top consultants four years ago in Des Moines, Iowa and I said, and they said either we have an FBI or we don’t. There’s no point in attacking the Clinton’s, and we’re just going to let the FBI do its job.

Well, that turned out to be a losing strategy. Bernie Sanders is not allowed to talk about Joe Biden’s personal corruption and the corruption of members of his family documented by Peter Schweizer and others.

That just the way it goes. De Blasio, the mayor of New York was on Morning Joe, I think it was this past Monday, and he dared to sort of mention that Joe Bidens has some issues. And Joe Scarborough jumped ugly on him.

Basically the supporters of Bernie Sanders just have to accept that you are not allowed to criticize Joe Biden or question his business practices or question how members of his family have turned public trust into private gain.

It’s amazing to me that you would have so many scandals and so many crazy situations both foreign and domestic with Biden and the Biden family and nobody is allowed to talk about it on the left.

Carmichael: That will come out though in the general election, wouldn’t you expect?

McCabe: Absolutely.

Carmichael: As well as Joe Biden’s diminished mental state?

McCabe: Well you know its something to see you know? You look at tapes of the late 60s and Ronald Reagan and on Firing Line with Bill Buckley and the guy is like alive. He’s sharp, he’s fast.

Then you see the guy as president. It is a problem may be in our system that guys end up being president four years too late it caught up with him you know?  He lost his fastball and it’s too bad.

Leahy: What’s the inside scoop in Washington about what Joe Biden’s mental capabilities and cognitive levels really are. What’s the inside scoop?

McCabe: I think people have recognized for a long time that he has some issues. He had a brain aneurysm maybe 20 years ago. In 2008, he refused to release his brain scans. So Joe Biden has had these sorts of lapses. It’s not really age, they are really some wires mis-crossed in his head.

Everybody’s seen the video where he tells the guy sitting in a wheelchair and acknowledge the applause. He says and does these things all the time. Only now it’s just getting so much worse. I think the bottom line among the Democratic sort of leadership, is that we could just run this like weekend at Bernie’s, and we’ll surround him with people, and he’ll be sort of like Crazy Uncle Joe who we just do everything for him.

And remember, in the Mueller Report, we had no idea that Robert Mueller also had some cognitive issues right? I remember Rudy Guiliani telling me how frustrating he was to get a phone call with Mueller.

Leahy: And that’s probably what a President Joe Biden would be. He’d be hidden by the rest of us.

Carmichel: Biden’s four years older than Mueller.

Leahy: He’s 77.  And he’ll be like 81 or 82.

Carmichael: 78 on the inauguration.

Leahy: He’ll be 82 in his last term if elected. Neil McCabe, good friend and Washington journalist. Thanks so much for joining us. We’ll talk to you next Wednesday.

Listen to the third hour here:

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