Tennessee Officials Charge Williamson County Dentist and Wife with TennCare Fraud


State officials have charged three people, a married couple from Williamson County and a Knox County man, with TennCare fraud.

Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration officials announced this in separate press releases last week.

Authorities charged the Williamson County couple, Heidi Smith, 42, and her husband Robert Smith, 42, both from Franklin, with TennCare fraud and theft of services related to information they allegedly provided to the state for TennCare eligibility. Those authorities charged Heidi Smith with TennCare fraud and theft of services over $10,000 but under $60,000. Robert Smith, a dentist, faces the same theft of services charge, according to a F&A press release.

“Heidi Smith allegedly provided false information related to her household income in order to obtain TennCare healthcare insurance benefits for herself, her husband and their five children,” the F&A press release said.

“Authorities say the family was above the income limits for TennCare. As a result, TennCare paid $44,404.73 on their behalf, which they were not eligible to receive.”

If convicted, Heidi Smith could face up to a maximum of 27 years in prison. Her husband Robert could face a maximum of 12 years in prison. The theft of services charge is a Class C felony and the TennCare fraud charge is a class D felony. Williamson County District Attorney Kim Helper is prosecuting, according to a F&A press release.

Meanwhile, authorities charged Steve R. Johnson, 63, of Knoxville, with TennCare fraud for allegedly giving false information to obtain TennCare and Medicare benefits, according to a second F&A press release.

“He’s accused in an indictment of falsely reporting his income in order to obtain both Medicare Part B and TennCare benefits under what’s called the ‘dual eligibility’ category,” the F&A press release said.

“As a result, TennCare paid $7,046.60 in fees and claims on his behalf.”

If convicted, Johnson could face up to a maximum of 12 years in prison for the Class D felony. Knox County District Attorney General Charme P. Allen is prosecuting, according to the F&A press release.

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4 Thoughts to “Tennessee Officials Charge Williamson County Dentist and Wife with TennCare Fraud”

  1. Elizabeth Ann Coker

    Kim Helper throws the book at these two Dentists but let perpetrators who commit Elder Abuse walk cause these type of TennCare fraud cases are actually easy to prosecute, considering the obvious paper trail.
    No respect for a DA that only goes after the “easy” cases to make the public think she’s “tough”on crime.
    Ms. Helper could care less about justice, it’s all about the appearance of doing her job, not really go after criminals in the name of upholding the law.
    Unfortunately, Williamson County and the District don’t have anyone else willing to step up to the plate.
    She will be promoted for her seemingly “efficient” department.
    I blame the lame press, which todsy is in the hands of imbecile Milennial journalistic wanna be’s who wouldn’t know news if it bit them on the leg and the corrupt politicians and law enforcement officials wrote their articles for them.

    1. Jayne

      I agree with you Elizabeth. Helper does not “help” her community at all. She has a history of dismissing certain cases using lame excuses! We need blind justice, not selective, social justice.

  2. CCW

    Billy Lee should by know by now that boosted payouts and increased coverage and bigger budgets for TNCare or Medicaid by any other name draws the drifters and the grifters.

    This has been the story from the inception of TennCare. The bottom of the barrel medical practicioners and the fraudulent patients cannot resist the easy pickings.

    1. 83ragtop50

      I totally agree with you, CCW. The public welfare trough is a magnet for no accounts that steal our tax dollars.