Commentary: Corrupt Mainstream Media Defends Red China, Attacks Trump


Nothing demonstrates how completely corrupt the establishment media has become than how it parrots the Chinese Communist Party’s talking points about the origin and spread of the Wuhan virus epidemic.

As our friends at the Media Research Center have documented, the media is desperate to attack and condemn Trump for the coronavirus at any cost, even if that means touting propaganda from an enemy government. This week, several networks have tried to deflect blame from China by insisting that Trump calling COVID-19 the “Chinese” or “Wuhan” flu was racist.

For example, MSNBC panelist Ian Bremmer admitted that China was “responsible” for the original Wuhan problem and coverup, something that his MSNBC colleagues wouldn’t say. Yet Bremmer was more eager to blame Trump, insisting this was in his hands now and he shouldn’t provoke China otherwise he was going to “start a cold war”:

“…[p]icking a fight with the Chinese, who feel vastly more confident today coming out of this crisis, than they did after 2008 is going to cause more economic damage…. the potential that we end up coming out of this coronavirus crisis and a cold war with the Chinese is becoming real,” Bremmer fretted to host Brian Williams.

The MRC also reported that while the communist Chinese government was busy cranking out deceitful propaganda claiming the coronavirus had originated in the United States, CNN’s Chris Cuomo spent part of his Wednesday night show scolding President Trump for calling it the “Chinese Virus.” He even suggested that top health officials don’t call it that “because it could have come from anywhere.”

“Calling it the Chinese Virus or the Wuhan Virus or the Kung Flu. Listen, you may think it’s clever but it’s hurting,” Cuomo proclaimed. “The idea, ‘well it did come from China.’ Then why doesn’t Fauci and other top health officials, why don’t they call it that? You know why? Because it could have come from anywhere.”

Later that night CNN Tonight host Don Lemon accused the President of not wanting to have Americans tested for the virus because it could have good signs. “He doesn’t want the actual testing numbers in many ways. So, I think that even if the testing shows that it is a high number of people have it and many get over it. He just doesn’t want that to come out because it may actually be good,” he asserted.

Broadcast networks ABC and NBC seemed intent to help the Chinese propaganda machine cover up those facts on Wednesday as they insisted President Trump was being “racist” by calling it the “Chinese Virus.” ABC senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega even insinuated Trump was trying to unfairly shift blame onto the communists.

“More and more, the President is now pointing the finger at China, repeatedly calling the disease ‘The Chinese Virus,’” she scoffed.

The MRC reports Vega proudly showed off a clip of her grilling the President at the day’s press conference and slamming the accurate term as “racist”:

VEGA: There are reports of dozens of incidences of bias against Chinese-Americans in this country. Your own aide Secretary Azar said he does not use this term. He says ethnicity does not cause the virus. Why do you keep using this?

TRUMP: Because it comes from China.

VEGA: A lot of people say it’s racist.

TRUMP: It’s not racist at all. No, not at all. It comes from China, that’s why.

Over on NBC Nightly News, White House correspondent Peter Alexander pushed the suggestion “Chinese Virus” was racist terminology. “Tonight, the President is also defending calling the coronavirus the ‘Chinese Virus,’ despite fierce criticism that the term is racist and stigmatizes Chinese Americans,” he huffed.

He added: “His own CDC director saying it’s inappropriate. Trump tonight insists it is not racist but accurate, he says, because the virus started in China.” Um…but it’s a fact that the virus started in China. It’s worth noting that the Chinese propaganda machine had been pumping out lies that claimed the virus came from the U.S. under nefarious means.

NBC even had this snarky on-screen headline: “Trump: Calling It ‘Chinese Virus’ Is ‘Not Racist at All.’”

As Jeffrey Lord put it so well in his column for the MRC, “…in the current madcap world of identity politics, when the Chinese Communist government says to apply the exact same standards in labeling the coronavirus that have applied to Lyme Disease and the Marburg and West Nile viruses (not to mention others like “Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever”) is now “racist”?”

When Communist China speaks, CNN jumps. And in the jumping, as that MRC video shows so vividly, the only thing accomplished is to embarrass their own anchors and hosts. Go here to see the video and more on establishment media bias from the Media Research Center’s News Busters.







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3 Thoughts to “Commentary: Corrupt Mainstream Media Defends Red China, Attacks Trump”

  1. CCW

    Please tell Red China to keep the WaPo, NYT, and WSJ reporters they were thinking of expelling over there. We do not want them back over here.

  2. Steve Allen

    After Trump wins reelection, all of the extreme Liberals need to rounded up and put into re-education camps. These people are more of a threat to us than the freaking virus.

  3. Kevin

    The CCP is one of, if not the most, racist entities on earth! If they have their way, there will only be ethnically “pure” people of Chinese descent. And they have bought and paid for our pathetic media organizations and many of our politicians!

    This is the Chinese game plan. Create and export the crisis, known as Covid-19. Then miraculously start publishing treatment options, cures, and provide the only source of needed medical supplies. Then, if anybody calls you on any aspect of their plan, call them a “racist”.

    Their plan was brilliant, BUT, it’s going to backfire! Trump has now exposed the failure of moving our supply chain (and technology) to China. With the stock market down so low, companies (which by the way were flush with cash due to 3 years of growth) can now start to repatriate factories to other parts of the world and to America, without having to explain not meeting “earnings” projections.

    Of course, the biggest obstacle to accomplishing this will be the China-loving, left-wing of our government, the Democrat Party.