Tennessee Right To Life Calls on Governor Bill Lee to Halt Elective Abortions in Tennessee

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In an email and website campaign Thursday, Tennessee Right To Life called on Governor Bill Lee to halt elective abortions in Tennessee.

Tennessee Right To Life (TNRTL) opposes abortion and referred to the facilities “killing centers,” but the call was in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the abortions that continue to be scheduled and performed at facilities across Tennessee.

TNRTL makes the point that the populations of those having abortions overlap with the highest number of cases of COVID-19.

TNRTL cites that 79 percent of abortions are among Tennessee residents aged 20 to 34, while 47 percent of Tennessee Department of Health confirmed COVID-19 cases are among Tennessee residents aged 21 to 40.

After including a picture of the parking lot of Planned Parenthood in Nashville full of patients, TNRTL points out that the Metropolitan Government of Nashville reports indicate an even higher number of 21- to 40-year-old residents at 61 percent are confirmed COVID-19 cases.

TNRTL said the lives of unborn children are at risk as is the health and well being of women, girls, healthcare workers and first responders.

The organization goes on to say that Governor Lee in the daily COVID-19 press conference Wednesday expressed his “hope” and “expectation” that elective abortions will not be performed, as The Tennessee Star reported.

“But unless Executive Order #18 is enforced by the Tennessee Department of Health and the Attorney General, abortion profiteers such as Planned Parenthood, Choices of Memphis and others will continue to kill unborn children and put the health and lives of others at risk.”

TNRTL said that photos throughout the week from Nashville’s Planned Parenthood facility document that large numbers of abortion clients continue to be seen.

Calls to Planned Parenthood to schedule abortions, TNRTL indicates, are met with giggles and laughs that they are continuing to schedule abortions and remain open.

Choices of Memphis responded, according to TNRTL, “Lord have mercy, yes (we remain open).”

Governor Lee’s Executive Order No. 18, “An Order to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 by Limiting Non-Emergency Healthcare Procedures,” ordered on March 23, in part, that surgical outpatient facilities in the state shall not perform any medical procedure that is not necessary to address a medical emergency or to preserve the health and safety of a patient.

Meanwhile, Governor Lee’s Executive Order No. 17 issued March 22, limited social gatherings to 10 or less, dine-in restaurant service, gym use, exposure at nursing and retirement homes and recognized the sacrifices of businesses and places of worship to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

TNRTL points out that while churches and legitimate businesses remain shuttered, the abortion facilities are allowed to operate without restraint. To that, TNRTL said, “THIS MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY.”

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias stated, “The vast majority of abortions are elective procedures and despite calls on the national, state, and local level for all elective procedures to be postponed, abortion clinics are conducting business as usual.”

“As hospitals struggle to provide care, find supplies to protect doctors, nurses, patients, and other hospital personnel, abortion clinics are endangering staff and patients in those same communities.”

TNRTL encourages contacting Governor Bill Lee, state legislators and the Tennessee Department of Health to ask them to vigorously enforce Executive Order No. 18.

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Laura Baigert is a senior reporter at The Tennessee Star.






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3 Thoughts to “Tennessee Right To Life Calls on Governor Bill Lee to Halt Elective Abortions in Tennessee”

  1. […] reported last week, Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Lee’s Executive Order No. 18  “An Order to Reduce the Spread […]

  2. 83ragtop50

    Governor Lee is all talk and no do when it comes to abortion.

    1. William Delzell

      The Governor and Legislature should stay out of women’s wombs! Let’s help the already-born babies from unwanted pregnancies so that they will lead good lives as adults.