Neil McCabe: ‘I Think You’re Seeing A Very Serious Move to Dump Biden and Put in Andrew Cuomo’


On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – Michael Patrick Leahy spoke with special guest, former Breitbart colleague, and Washington journalist Neil McCabe.

During the third hour, McCabe talked about how he felt President Trump was in a position where he had to use a combination of his gut and statistics most of which are in use from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Washington State University’s funded IHME. Nearing the end of the segment, Leahy and McCabe discussed whether the 2020 presidential election was a topic of discussion in Washington circles and pondered an internal DNC coup by Cuomo.

Leahy: We are joined now by our very good friend, former Breitbart colleague, and Washington journalist Neil McCabe. Good morning Neil.

McCabe: Micheal. So good to hear your voice. How are you doing man?

Leahy: I’m doing fine. I’m doing fine. Are you sheltering in place in the Metro DC area?

McCabe: Let me just say that I’m bunkering socially distanced from the world in an undisclosed location.

Leahy: (Laughs) So the atmosphere in Washington. The kinds of decisions being made. I think the President has made a significant change over the weekend. He was talking last week with Bill Hemmer at the White House talking about maybe coming back on April 12th.

Over the weekend it appears to me that both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx sat down with him and went over this IHME. The Institute for Health and Metrics Evaluation out of the University of Washington. By the way, funded by both the University of Washington and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which has very serious projections that anywhere from 80,000 to 200,000 Americans could die between now and April fourth from the coronavirus. What do you make of the President’s moves on this to extend the social distancing orders until April 30th?

McCabe: Well it is a kind of extortion. Its sort of the like the same situation we saw in the FISA courts and even with the proposed no-fly no buy. With no-fly, no buy somebody had to go up to a judge and say listen I don’t think I should be on this list were banning me from buying guns.

But every judge knows that if a guy shoots up a playground the next day he’s going to get blamed. Just like the FISA court. The FBI comes to you and says, this guy is a foreign agent and he’s going to undermine the country. The judge is like, well you know, OK sure. Nobody wants the blame for that.

So these guys come into the President and say if you don’t do these 200,000 or 300,000 or two million people are going to die. I mean what’s the President supposed to say especially when the principle of executive privilege exists so that the communication between the president and his advisors is protected.

Well, we saw that go out the window with both Mueller and the impeachment thing. So Trump is like, yeah so if I say no we’re not going to do this, in 10 minutes the Washington Post is going to have their headline.

And if I was President Trump, I would almost be afraid that three quarters that walked in my office are just trying to fluff me up for some kind of goofy article that will just sort of embarrass me. It’s a very difficult situation. The man has a gut that is right on. So many times where I’ve said wow Trump really made a mistake here and it turns out Trump is right.

And Trump tried early on to get out of Syria. He tried early on to get out of Afghanistan. The only reason we are still down in those countries is that his staff has sort of set him up for an embarrassment. And I think that’s what we have here. I would trust Trump’s gut over any of the staffers, or consultants, or Republican leaders that I’ve interacted with. Obviously you don’t want to play games.

Leahy: Yes.

McCabe: Eventually 100,000 people are going to die. It’s like, hey Mr. Leahy if you don’t sign, these 100,000 people are going to die. What are you supposed to say?

Leahy: And of course, Dr. Fauci put all this in a caveat saying this is a model that is a moving target and I think that is the case. That’s why here we report the data every day and see how it’s developing. Here’s what I think is interesting from a political point of view. Neil, is anyone talking about the 2020 presidential election right now?

McCabe: No. That’s a big problem for the Democrats. President Barack Obama was brilliant in many ways. Much of the Obama agenda is still the law of the land today. I’m not just talking about legislation. I’m talking about regulations, and memos, and rulings. We are still living in Obama’s world. It’s very difficult to sort of accept but that actually is the truth.

Obama knew that whenever there was a crisis everything centered on the presidency. So if you look back, how many times was there a crisis in the Obama time. It was constant. It was like the country is going through a pinball machine. You had the shutdowns right? He would take these highway funds to zero and then tell congress I need more highway funds.

He’d spend the FEMA  money down to zero and say give me more FEMA money. Remember they were going to shut down the FAA? Constantly in the Obama administration, there was a crisis, real or manufactured, which centered attention on the president. And even the networks that hate the president can’t avoid the president.

Leahy: Yes. He’s there.

McCabe: And Biden is in his basement playing ping pong.

Leahy: And he’s not very lucid when he talks Biden, is he? He seems to be totally out of his element. That’s what my take on it is.

McCabe: He sounds like a guy and I don’t know if this is true. But he sounds like a guy who every day at the end of work at the Senate. He walked down Capitol Hill. He went to a bar called The Monocle. He’d have a few pops. Then stumble down to the Amtrak at Union Station across the street from The Monocle and then he’d hide out in the cocktail car getting all loaded.

Then somehow he would stumble out of the train when he got to Delaware and he would be home. And it probably became a habit for him. And over time that sort of rotted the wires in his head. But I don’t know if that’s true Mike.

Leahy:  Yeah. The point is that he doesn’t seem to be up to the task. If we can sort of change the conversation a bit and if we were to fast forward to June first. Let’s say we have reached the bottom of this hill. And there is Joe Biden who is basically not distinguished himself. He’s a husk of a presidential candidate. There is nothing substantive inside from what it looks like to me. What then do the Democrats do?

McCabe: It’s not uncommon for Democrats to put up stooges. Usually, in a Democratic administration, the cabinet officers are just figureheads and the White House runs everything through the Democrats. You saw it with the Clintons. You saw it with Obama and you saw it with Carter. You saw that with Mueller. Everybody knew Mueller had dementia. The Democrats knew.

Meanwhile, Weinstein is running the whole Mueller probe. And they thought they could do the same thing. They thought that they could just push Biden out there and pull the strings and speak for him. And it’s not going to work. And they’re realizing that it’s not going to work. I was talking about Cuomo as the only guy who could beat Trump.

I think you’re seeing a very serious move to dump Biden and put in Andrew Cuomo which of course is going to open it up to everybody else. But I think Cuomo has the inside track to pull a coup inside the DNC. There has to be some kind of provision in their rules Mike that says that if something happens or that Biden says I can’t do it. There has to be some provision for the elders of the DNC to say we’ve got to fix this.

Leahy: But Governor Cuomo said yesterday that he’s not running for President. But I wouldn’t say that it was a ‘Shermanesk’ statement. Would you?

McCabe: A lot of times people say they’re not running for President. (Laughs)

Leahy: Well we’ll see Neil. Be safe up there. Take care of yourself. And we’ll see you soon.

McCabe: And to you and all your staff. I know that it’s tough keeping a business going especially a business like the news.

Leahy: Our news business is doing great actually. The people in trouble are Gannett. They are laying people off we’re not.

McCabe: No, I mean safety-wise.

Leahy: No, I’m totally with you on that. Neil McCabe. Thanks so much and have a great day.

Listen to the full third hour:

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    Andrew Cuomo, the governor who ignored the experts in 2015 and refused to buy and warehouse the 1500 ventilators that were projected to be needed in case of a something like the coronavirus. So much for taking care of his public. He is just another loudmouthed northern liberal.