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4 Thoughts to “Legal Motion Seeks to Block Implementation of Tennessee Education Savings Account Program”

  1. Concerned!

    We believe school Vouchers not only make good sense but they will help bring our public schools up to a higher quality and level of education. Schools take the greatest percentage of money in a state and county budget. And yet its clear money has not made a difference in our Public Education system in our state . The public schools have become war zones. Teachers can barely keep order in their class rooms and because of that students are not learning as they should. Its clear if you look at upper level administration salaries the money is at the top not going to the class room. Then add the “Bill Gates dumbing down of students using Common Core, how far down we have come in education. Its time for effective change in our schools. Parents pay taxes which support public schools so they have every right to School Vouchers. Of course the liberal left like the ACLU would try to block Vouchers. It furthers their socialist agenda.

    1. 83ragtop50

      I agree with your excellent commentary. However, parents are not the only ones paying for the terribly flawed and failing public schools. I have no children in school but I am forced to pay taxes much of which go to fund schools. Not only do I pay for abject failure but I am paying for someone else to have their children dumb down and brainwashed. But our state and local elected officials do not have the nerve nor decency to do anything about it other than to throw more money into that deep dark hole.

  2. Kalee

    Government schools are a monopoly and the globalist left is panicked that alternate education opportunities will cut in on their corrupt, money wasting bureaucracy. Even the smallest counties are flush with cash and are greedily grasping for more tax dollars to waste. It never gets to the children where its needed, but is always funneled to the teachers unions and over-paid bureaucrats. Education must be privatized to improving learning environments and be effective for children to thrive and enjoy learning.

  3. Kevin

    Let the games begin!

    When you keep doing the same thing over and over and over, while expecting different results, well, that’s the classic definition of insanity. Most of our kids can’t read, and many can’t speak with any level of intellect, yet our leaders continue to support the same failed public education model. Why?

    Are these leaders insane? Hardly! They are just afraid to go up against the powerful, publicly well funded (and failing), “education industrial complex”, or, they are part of the EIC and are personally benefitting from the system!

    And thus, Nashville will follow every other “big” city in America, right down the porcelain infundibulum!