Coronavirus in Tennesse Shows Sign of Slowing Down, According to New IHME Model

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Tennessee has brighter days coming in the future as the coronavirus model used by the White House has lowered its projections for the state’s COVID-19 peak.

The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) model has pushed up Tennessee’s projected coronavirus peak for hospital resources by one day from April 18 to April 17.

Last week, the IHME model said the Volunteer State would see its peak for hospital resources on April 26.

Based on the previous April 26 projection, Tennessee was expected to need 3,494 beds for its hospitals, including 525 beds for the intensive care unit (ICU). However, the updated IHME projection displays Tennessee needing 1,244, which is a decrease of 2,250 beds.

In terms of death, the older IHME model had Tennessee experiencing 1,067 fatalities. But one week later, the new model sees Tennessee having 617 deaths. It must be noted, the projection on Monday anticipated Tennessee having 584 deaths.

Between April 17 to April 20, the updated projection shows an average of 25 Tennesseans dying. Previously, the IHME projection had April 26 through April 28 as the stretch were the highest daily death rates.

IHME predicts Tenneesse’s fatality rate will flatline around May 16.

Tennessee is not the only state with positive news. The IHME model drastically reduced the number of deaths it projects in America.

Now, the model exhibits 60,415 nationwide deaths, which is a 35 percent reduction from 93,531 last week.

The Daily Caller reported that Dr. Christiopher Murray, the director of IHME, told reporters the changes to the model are due to “encouraging figures from Italy and Spain showing that peak daily coronavirus deaths arrived sooner than previously predicted.”

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