Norm Partin Commentary: Don’t Be Fooled by Republican Establishment Again in Tennessee

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by Norm Partin


Every election matters; every vote matters. Every election cycle conservatives line up like sheep and support the Republican heir apparent — a pipeline of candidates that spent years prepping for the next open seat.

President Donald Trump thankfully upset that apple cart and proved a talented outsider cannot only win, but can also succeed. Tennessee is faced with the same challenge this year in the U.S. Senate race with the choices of a groomed establishment politician in the pipeline, Ambassador Bill Hagerty; or a true conservative outsider, trauma surgeon Dr. Manny Sethi.

While Bill Hagerty was being groomed for the job, fundraising and supporting the likes of Mitt Romney, Dr Manny Sethi was serving the citizens of Tennessee.

Dr. Manny has been criticized for lack of political experience. To me, this is an asset. The Senate and all of Washington are full of so-called politicians with experience (among other things) — look where that has gotten us.

I always look to a candidate’s past. Have they been groomed for the job? Did they fundraise for other candidates? Have they been appointed to offices based on fundraising talent? All valid questions.

Look at the footprint each candidate has planted.

Dr. Manny’s past includes a rural upbringing in Tennessee, becoming a doctor, saving lives, and building his family. Most importantly, Dr. Manny and his wife, Maya, started Healthy Tennessee in 2011 guided by their Christian faith. This non-profit has helped citizens throughout Tennessee with health issues. Nothing to do with politics, simply doing the right thing.

Take the time to look up Healthy Tennessee. It is worth it to see what Dr. Manny and Maya did to make Tennessee a better state, investing their time and their own personal money to make a difference.

Healthy Tennessee was such a success, President Trump invited Dr. Manny to the White House to learn more. It gave Dr. Manny a platform to testify before the U.S. Senate to declare that Obamacare was wrong.

It is time to put non-politicos in Washington. Dr. Manny is the one. He has the character, charisma, and determination to stand up for every citizen of Tennessee, not just the fat cat Chamber of Commerce types.

Conservatives are consistently misled and settle with another RINO in the Republican Party pipeline. The list is long; Haslam, Corker, and Alexander all took us down that path. Dr. Manny has the guts to stand up to the Establishment. Standing up to Democrats and socialists are priorities for 2020. We, as conservatives, have elected the wrong people because the Republican Party has a pipeline of safe and controllable candidates. It is time for that to stop.

I urge you to walk away from that pipeline of establishment candidates. Look at your children and grandchildren to help make your voting decision.

Take back the America our parents left us. Congress is squandering the country that has been handed to us. Reverse it, stand up to liberals, socialists and RINOS that are hurting the USA.

If you are satisfied with our current situation in Congress, stick with the pipeline. If not, support Dr. Manny Sethi for U.S. Senate, he is your answer.

– – –

Norm Partin is a Nashville native and owner of Partin & Associates since 1983.
Photo “Manny Sethi” by Manny Sethi.







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