Manny Sethi Releases Conservative Strategic Agenda to Get America Back to Work After COVID-19 Pandemic


Republican Senate candidate Manny Sethi this week released his Conservative Strategic Agenda entitled “Vertical Containment is the Way Forward to Get Tennessee and America Back to Work.”

Sethi announced this in an emailed press release.

As the shutdown of our economy continues and unemployment tops 22 million, Sethi said there is a growing threat to the livelihoods of Americans. Public health intervention meant to slow the spread of COVID-19 has the potential to lead to hardship and even death as families lose incomes and individuals with other diseases are unable to receive treatment, he added.

“I appreciate President Trump’s leadership in standing up to government bureaucrats who are threatening the economic health of our country. As we have done in times of crisis like World War II, we must put fear aside and take a more offensive posture. Our national economy cannot withstand a prolonged shutdown. Our country needs to get back to work,” Sethi said.

“To stop the coronavirus, we should pursue vertical, or targeted, containment options. This will allow large portions of our economy to begin to reopen, which will result in positive public health effects and get people back on the job.”

The strategic agenda, Sethi said, is built around five pillars:

• Measuring the true impact of non-discriminant (horizontal) societal shutdown

• Dynamic vertical lockdown (as opposed to non-discriminant horizontal shutdown)

• Remain vigilant with the COVID-19 battle

• Take real steps to protect small business and the American economy

• Rebalance our national psyche

The full plan is available on Sethi’s website.

As The Tennessee Star reported last month, Sethi, at a coronavirus tele-town hall, said the United States must now rely less on China for pharmaceutical drugs, hospital gowns, surgical caps, and medical supplies. Sethi went on to call COVID-19 “a national security issue.”

As The Star reported in February, Sethi called the outbreak a “massive international crisis” that needs “something as bold and ambitious as a Manhattan Project-style effort to combat it.”

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Photo “Manny Sethi” by Manny Sethi.






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