Letter to the Editor: The ‘Area Under the Curve’ Is Us


Dear Tennessee Star,

I am math-impaired, but I know enough to wonder if all the Wuhan virus “experts” yammering about “flattening the curve” understand the concept of the “area under the curve.”

If I lower the top of the infection-rate curve — the number of patients at one time on the vertical axis, with time on the horizontal axis, that “area under the curve” — all those infected people — has to go somewhere, if nothing else changes.

Visualize squashing the spike by applying pressure to it from above. In this case, the vertical pressure is placing the population under house arrest, putting the economy and society in a coma from which it may not awaken.

The only place under the curve for these patients to go is in the horizontal axis — spreading the total time of the pandemic over a longer period. The maximum number of patients at the peak is lower, but there is a longer period in which the population experiences the infection, and the control measures.

NOTE: The actual NUMBER OF PATIENTS, and the actual NUMBER OF DEATHS, assuming no other changes, do not change. “Public Health” bureaucrats and Trump haters are more than willing to let you think their heroic “flattening the curve” saves lives or prevents infections, but it DOESN’T. It just spreads it over a longer time. How often do they mention that?

How long a time under these toxic strictures is “long enough”?

Now, let’s visualize another curve of suffering and death. People who are ruined economically, physically and psychologically by government abuse of their right to travel, produce and consume, will suffer and die as a result of that abuse. Any tally of the death toll from WuhanVirus should be accompanied by a tally of those deaths and that suffering.

No honest discussion of the virus’s toll on humanity can be had without including the toll virus countermeasures — legitimate or not — are also having on humanity.

Don’t presume to scold me as being cavalier about virus deaths, if you choose to ignore the toll virus countermeasures also take.

The longer these unelected, unaccountable “Public Health” bureaucrats persuade our elected leaders to keep us under these restrictions on what we are told are Civil Rights, the greater the cost, to all of us.

“Flattening the Curve” may sound noble and worthy to the ignorant and the powerful, but to the people in the area under those curves, it’s just government-imposed misery for no good reason.

It’s war being waged against us. Sooner or later, Americans will have enough of your curve-flattening. There will be consequences.



Tom Cox
Charlotte, TN





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