Whitmer Said She May Extend Stay-at-Home Order, Although She Could Ease Restrictions


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said she is considering extending the stay-at-home order, although she plans to lift some of the restrictions and that easement will come in “waves.”

“It will permit some activity if our numbers continue to go down and our testing continues to go up,” she said on MSNBC on Thursday. “But it’s too early to say precisely what each wave looks like and when it happens.”

Whitmer hinted at a Wednesday press conference that she would have more details on Friday.

“I’m eager as anyone to start reengaging sectors of our economy. We all know we have to be really smart about what that looks like and so it will be in waves,” Whitmer said during the press conference. “There will be some form of a stay-at-home order in effect for a long time here.”

Whitmer’s latest “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order restricted travel within in the state, as well as banned the sale of certain items in large stores. It is currently set to expire on April 30, and Whitmer said last week she hopes to be able to lift some restrictions by May 1.

“We’re going to see are we still safe to take the next step, or do we have to even consider pulling back a little bit,” Whitmer said on Thursday. “This is how we’re going to have to proceed for the near future.”

Whitmer’s most recent order was met with protests, including “Operation Gridlock,” a car rally protest in Lansing hosted by the Michigan Conservative Coalition that drew thousands of people.

“The worst irony that could come about from these demonstrations is that they force us to stay in this posture longer than we’re already planning to,” Whitmer said. “That’s the last thing any of us wants.”

Michigan currently has more than 35,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. The death toll in the state is 2,977.

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Jordyn Pair is a reporter with The Michigan Star. Follow her on Twitter at @JordynPair. Email her at [email protected]
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