Former MPR Senior Editor Tells Republicans to Shoot Themselves, Drink Bleach


A former Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) senior editor and director of political news told Republicans to drink bleach and shoot themselves on Twitter Friday morning.

Bob Collins, whose Twitter account is under the name “My Little Bloggie,” retired from MPR last May after a 27-year career with the outlet. On the day of his retirement, Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan announced a proclamation declaring May 31, 2019 “Bob Collins Day” in Minnesota.

KARE 11 ran a glowing profile of Collins when he announced his retirement, describing him as an empathetic journalist.

Despite his retirement, Collins still weighs in on the news of the day from his Twitter account and had some shocking reactions to President Donald Trump’s Thursday press briefing.

“Remember, Republicans, the proper way to inject disinfectant into your lungs is with a bullet,” Collins wrote on Twitter.

His comments were made in response to Trump’s suggestion that an “injection” of disinfectant could work as a cure for the coronavirus. The president distanced himself from the comments Friday and said he was being “sarcastic.”

“If Trump supporters drink a hot cup of bleach today, I’m pretty OK with that,” Collins said in another Friday tweet.

Former state Rep. Nick Zerwas expressed his dismay with Collins’ violent remarks.

“Every single time he goes on these insanely partisan rants it hurts the credibility of his former MPR News colleagues,” said Zerwas. “Reminder: this super well balanced individual (now asking for Republicans to be shot in the chest) oversaw political coverage at Minnesota Public Radio.”

But his latest comments are far from the first time Collins has made threatening statements about Republicans. In March, for instance, he said he would “be OK” if Fox News viewers “got together and killed themselves by being stupid about the virus.”

“I wouldn’t do anything to help anyone who’s still a Trump supporter,” he said in another tweet, according to an article from Alpha News.

Lt. Gov. Flanagan thanked Collins for “telling difficult truths and showcasing triumphs and tragedies of real people” after he announced his retirement.

“We’ll miss you at MPR but we’ll see you at the ballpark,” she said. “You’re wonderful.”

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of The Minnesota Sun and The Ohio Star. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to anthony.gockowsk[email protected].
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