Joe Biden Tells Al Gore He Will Rejoin Paris Climate Accords


Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and former vice president and environmental activist Al Gore, apparently from his Nashville home, had an online environmental pow wow this past week.

During the live Facebook event – dubbed a Climate Change Town Hall – Biden accused President Donald Trump of ignoring science. Biden promised that, if elected, he would make the United States rejoin the Paris Climate Accords.

Gore, meanwhile, endorsed Biden’s candidacy. Gore also called Trump “the face of climate change denial and adding pollution to the atmosphere.” The former vice president then touted what he called the benefits of driving electric cars.

Biden said this climate crisis is too urgent to ignore, and then he tried to quote former president John F. Kennedy.

“JFK said he refused to postpone, you know that one line in his speech we all had to learn when we were kids about going to the moon. He talked about the one thing, the line that meant the most to me, and it used to drive my college crazy. It was his phrase, ‘I refuse — we’re doing this because we refuse to postpone.’ Well we should say to the nation ‘I refuse to postpone. As president, I refuse to postpone taking immediate action,’” Biden said.

“And, look, I’m confident, not only can we address the crisis, we can make most of the opportunity and create 10 million good jobs, make the U.S. the world’s clean energy exporter and, [I am] more optimistic than I have been since I’ve been a 29-year-old kid about what we can do.”

As The Tennessee Star reported earlier this month, Gore said on Real Time with Bill Maher that as president, Joe Biden could appoint former President Barack Obama as a “Coronavirus Czar.”

As reported last year, Gore won the top Climate Hypocrite Award, given to climate change alarmists who don’t practice what they preach. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) presented the award.

As National Center for Public Policy Research Senior Fellow Drew Johnson concluded in a report:

Al Gore has attained a near-mythical status for his frenzied efforts to propagandize global warming. At the same time, Gore has done little to prove his commitment to the cause in his own life.

While Gore encourages people throughout the world to reduce their carbon footprint and make drastic changes to cut energy consumption, Gore’s own home electricity use has hypocritically increased to more than 21 times the national average this past year with no sign of slowing down.

As The Star reported last year, taxpayers have paid millions of dollars to help electric vehicle manufacturers not only get their products out on the road but also furnish electric car charging stations all over Nashville.

Prior reporting shows few people around Nashville appear to use these charging stations. Some research shows manufacturers of electric cars wouldn’t make a tidy profit in a pure free market system because, at least right now, there isn’t enough demand for that product.

Watch the full event:

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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5 Thoughts to “Joe Biden Tells Al Gore He Will Rejoin Paris Climate Accords”

  1. Angelito

    Good lord, we were a blink away from having Al Gore as our president. What a fruitcake.

  2. joeknows

    Dumb & dumber. I’ll let you decide which name fits.

  3. 83ragtop50

    Just another in a long line of reasons to keep Biden out of office.

  4. L.P. Barnett

    Gore is certifiably insane. That is all that needs to be said!

  5. Kevin

    The Democrat Party is despicable! Why any American would support them now, is beyond comprehension. By them sending Joe Biden as their candidate for President, they’re basically saying, “you Americans are so dumb, you’ll vote for a senile old man as President!”

    Do they really think that we don’t notice all of Joe’s verbal bumbling? It’s like they’re throwing him to the lions. But I guess they don’t care, anything to remove Trump and regain the presidential office. I ALMOST feel bad for Sleepy/Creepy Joe… but he’s asking for it.