Bill Hagerty Releases New Ad Criticizing Joe Biden and His Ties to China


U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty has released a digital ad that he said exposes presidential candidate Joe Biden for defending the Communist Chinese regime — as opposed to Biden holding them accountable for creating a global pandemic.

Hagerty posted the ad on YouTube Monday.

“As President Donald Trump stands up to China and holds them accountable for the Wuhan virus, Beijing Biden has defended the Communist Chinese regime and even parroted their talking points,” Hagerty said.

“Beijing Biden’s family’s close economic ties to China are well known, and his track record of defending China prove that he cannot credibly lead our nation. In the Senate, I will continue to stand with President Trump to push back against the Communist regime’s propaganda and hold them accountable for what has become the crime of the century.”

As The Tennessee Star reported earlier this month, Hagerty released a television ad touting the candidate holding China accountable for what he called that nation’s deceitful actions. Hagerty said China’s leaders continue to mislead and cover up their Wuhan coronavirus data. China, Hagerty said, even accuses the United States of starting the global pandemic.

“The Chinese Communist regime’s efforts to conceal and destroy valuable evidence – including silencing their own people – regarding the Wuhan coronavirus is the crime of the century and the greatest coverup in human history,” he said.

“The Communist Chinese leaders must be held accountable for the death and destruction leveled on their own people and for the widespread damage to the world’s health and economy,” Hagerty added.

“In the Senate, I will continue to stand with President Trump to help put an end to Communist China’s deception about the origins and the impact of this deadly virus, along with holding organizations like the World Health Organization accountable for perpetuating the Communist regime’s propaganda.”

The U.S. Senate candidate received President Donald Trump’s endorsement to replace the retiring Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN). Hagerty previously served as the U.S. ambassador to Japan.

Watch the commercial:


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2 Thoughts to “Bill Hagerty Releases New Ad Criticizing Joe Biden and His Ties to China”

  1. 83ragtop50

    What a waste. Mr. Hargerty criticizing Biden is of no value if Mr. Hagerty is truly a conservative Republican. How about ads that do more than attach himself to President Trump’s coattails? Mr. Hagerty sounds to me more and more like a swamp creature. We do not need any more of them in Washington.

  2. William Delzell

    While you’re at it, Hagerty, be sure to criticize Biden for his links to the Pentagon and Wall Street. I don’t trust Biden because I think he is still a closet Tea Party Republican trying to manipulate liberals and leftists into remaining loyal to him in the same way that Harry Truman did in 1948 by pretending to support Henry Wallace’s Progressive Party domestic program and by temporarily toning down his Cold War rhetoric until he had safely won the election against Dewey by a very narrow margin. After his bare victor, Truman stabbed his progressive voters in the back by selling out to the Cold Warriors who had some more reckless foreign adventures planned for us less than two years later!