Carol Swain: ‘Democrats, in My Opinion, Have Become Enemies of the State’



Live from Nashville, Tennessee Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.– Leahy was joined on the newsmakers line by former Vanderbilt and Princeton Professor Dr. Carol Swain.

During the second hour, Swain weighed in on New York City’s Mayor DeBlasio’s recent threats to a group of Jewish funeral attendees noting that this was more evidence of what a Democratic America would look like. She added that Democrats were not concerned about public health and safety and were utilizing the pandemic to leverage a win in the November election.

(Bill DeBlasio clip plays)

 I understand that when people are going through mourning they are in real pain but we have to understand what it means to hold a large gathering in NYC today. It means unfortunately that people know that people gathering some will be sick with this disease.

Leahy: That is Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York City trying to crawl out of a hole he dug for himself. There was a famous Rabbi, well respected in New York City who died. And he threatened to arrest anybody who attended that funeral. And Carol that was widely perceived as being antisemitic. Did you follow that at all?

Swain: I know that 2,500 people attended and I say cheers to Americans for standing up. We take responsibility for what we do as Americans and at some point, I think our liberties are more important than us trying to protect ourselves. And I’m speaking as a Christian. Those are religious men and women who probably believe that God is in control of when they die.

Leahy: Yes. Very interesting. And it’s troublesome to me how these authoritarian Democrats just love to tell people what they can and can’t do. They’re infringing on the First Amendment. Every element. Freedom of assembly. Freedom of worship. Very troublesome. Do you see them letting up on this at all?

Swain: No. I can clearly see what a nation would be like if the Democrats had total control because they are far worse than anything I ever imagined that I would see taking place in America. And the pandemic is just an excuse.

Leahy: Yes exactly. Now speaking of that. Let’s go back to Nashville. I’m not sure what the evidence is that Mayor Cooper is looking at here to keep Nashville closed. I was going to say that he said now that we have to have 14 days of declining metrics.

It’s hard to find the data on this at the Nashville Public Health Department website. They aren’t sharing it as much as they should. I think it’s out there somewhere. It’s just hard to find it. Overall so far there have been 25 deaths in Davidson County. And that’s about like three out of every 100,000. Compared to about two out of 100,000 for the state.

It’s very low compared to the rest of the country. Looking at the number of tests. I think about 14,000 people have been tested in Nashville. The positive rate is still fairly low. 195 deaths in Tennessee. Of those deaths, only about 30 of those deaths are from people under the age of 61. When do you think that Mayor Cooper will say, ok time to open up?

Swain: Well first of all Michael…(Laughter)

Leahy: See now I know when Carol starts and says, first of all, Michael. I know she’s going to say something more or less in agreement with me. When Carol says, well Michael Patrick, (Swain giggles) then I know we’re in trouble and she’s going to disagree. (Laughs)

Swain: First of all, those 25 deaths, some of them were reported in the news. They were people who were dying from other serious conditions. And so if you look at the numbers nationally they have been skewed because of the CDC guidelines and the fact that they have incentivized doctors, clinics, and hospitals to label deaths as COVID even if people were dying of other causes.

So the numbers mean nothing to me. And if we were testing people for cancer. For diabetes and made everyone take a test for hypertension you would find rising numbers. And so the test, the politics behind it, there’s no way you can untangle the politics behind it and the fact that Democrats see an opportunity for political gain that destroys our economy and destroying our nation.

And it’s all about politics. It’s not about saving lives. If they were interested in saving lives they would close the abortion clinics. They are not interested in saving lives. And they are not interested in the elderly. And I think the cruelest thing that they are doing is isolating people in hospitals. Isolating the elderly.

Leahy: Well yes. we’ll see how this all plays out. Today I suspect that the mayor is going to have some sort of announcement as to whether or not by their metrics. I guess they are looking at the percentage of those that are tested and tested positive. That number, by the way, is a little over 2,400 in Nashville that has tested positive.

About 14,000 tests have been taken. That means its a little over 15% which is below the national average. I’m talking about in the city of Nashville itself. And again, I’m a little bit frustrated because they talk about data. They talk about metrics and you can’t really see on any of the city websites where those metrics are right now in the city of Nashville.

I’m sure they’ve got it and perhaps they’ll talk about it at today’s press conference. You know they say that today they are going to look back 14 days and if the trends are down they’ll start opening up. I don’t know if that’s going to happen though.

Swain: There is no real incentive for them to open up because they really want to push people turning around papers to prove that they have complied and their long term gain is to say that we can’t have an election in November unless we do it by mail. So the Democrats have a national strategy and they stick together. Their long term goal is all about winning in November.

Leahy: We all know and you’re a former professor of political science, this vote by mail is just an opportunity for more Democratic fraud. It’s not like an absentee ballot where you have to show up and show your identification and verify it. They send these votes by mail things to anybody. There are all sorts of opportunities for fraud on that.

Swain: I know. And they don’t respect the political process. They want people who are not American citizens voting. They’ve been very clear about that. And the Democrats, in my opinion, have become enemies of the state. As far as Davidson County, I love my home it works for my family, but I really feel like that I would like to leave Davidson County because I’ve tried to change. I’ve not been successful.

Leahy: Well, keep us posted on that and we’ll see.

Listen to the full second hour here:

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8 Thoughts to “Carol Swain: ‘Democrats, in My Opinion, Have Become Enemies of the State’”

  1. Very wise woman. Thank you for this article.

  2. please. Carol Swain is still trying to get her five minutes on Fox News. She’s been pushing her low-budget Diamond and Silk act for YEARS.

  3. Anthony Caracausa

    Indeed, Comrade Delzell is a pudding-brain for that lock-step comment.

    I submit that Carol is partially wrong when she said the Democrat party have “become” enemies of the State. They have ALWAYS BEEN enemies of the Constitution and have ALWAYS aspired to BE the State. History is replete with proof of this, which any rational person would have to conclude after careful study. It is good to see another person become educated enough to walk away from that delusional influence (especially a person of the ethnic group the Democrats have striven for over two centuries to keep held under their iron thumbs). But walking away is a two-stage process, and Carol has only achieved the first stage. When she comes to the realization that this is exactly what the Democrats always have been and always will be about, then she will have completed the second stage.

  4. Angelito

    PENCE/SWAIN 2024!!!!!!!

  5. William Delzell

    That depends upon the Democrats that you’re talking about. Yes, the corporate-type (so-called Centrists or de facto Republicans) like Diane Feinstein, Joe Leiberman, etc. are enemies of the state just like most Republicans such as Mitch McConnell, Kay Ivey are. The progressive and leftist Democrats, however, are our friends who want to fight unfair inequalities that favor the small rich white oligarchy that rules this country. Swain, quit blaming the wrong people for our bad situation.

    1. Angelito

      Good lord, check your brain barometer. The pressure is zero bars and falling.

    2. Bill

      Progressive and leftist democrats are our friends…. says comrad delzell and his idiotic entourage. Yeah, let’s dumb down and break America with your progressive morons.


      and there are no rich Democrats.. what about the ones spending millions up to a Billion dollars to try to pass laws against gun control or religious freedoms. Republicans aren’t the only rich people using their wealth to impose their will.