Cooper Extends Nashville’s Safer at Home Until at Least May 8

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Mayor John Cooper extended Davidson County’s safer at home order until at least May 8.

Cooper announced the decision Thursday morning and blamed a rise in the average daily cases over the last two weeks, NewsChannel 5 said.

Cooper said hazard pay was approved for city employees who are on the front lines, including law enforcement.

The reopening metrics are available here.

Nashville’s economy will open in four phases. We will only move to the next phase if there is positive improvement/stability in the metrics for 14 days.

Transmission Rate

The transmission rate is the rate at which infectious cases cause secondary or new cases in a population. A transmission rate of 1.0 means that each person who has the virus passes it to one other person. A transmission rate above a rate of 1.0 signals a spread; a rate below 1.0 signals the spread is slowing. The rate of transmission declining or remaining low is a critical to proceeding to each stage of reopening Metro.

Goal: Less Than 1.0 Transmission Rate

Current: 1.0 Transmission Rate

14-Day New Case Trend

Public health officials agree that each phase of the Roadmap for Reopening Nashville should begin only after 14 days of significant declines. Although most cases occur within 5-7 days of exposure, almost all are evident by 14 days. A sustained downward trend in cases over the course of the 14 days is critical to proceeding to each stage of reopening Metro.

Goal: Flat or Decreasing Trend in New Cases

Current: Increasing Trend in New Cases

Public Health Capacity

Goal: 28 – 105 Contact Investigators for Davidson County

Current: 82 Contact Investigators for Davidson County

Testing Capacity

Goal: 4,667 Tests per Week

Current: 4,919 Tests per Week

Hospital Capacity: Floor Beds

Goal: 25% of Floor Bed Capacity Available

Current: 39% of Floor Bed Capacity Available

Hospital Capacity: ICU Beds

Goal: 25% of ICU Capacity Available

Current: 32% of ICU Capacity Available

The percentage of positive cases has stayed in the 10 percent range as the city has increased testing.

On April 30, the Metro Public Health Department reported:

•Total number of tests administered: 25,393

•Total positive results: 2,669

•Total negative results: 22,724

•Positive results as percentage of total: 10.5%

April 29:

•Total number of tests administered: 24,819

•Total positive results: 2,612

•Total negative results: 22,207

•Positive results as percentage of total: 10.5%

April 28:

•Total number of tests administered: 23,996

•Total positive results: 2,588

•Total negative results: 21,408

•Positive results as percentage of total: 10.8%

April 27:

•Total number of tests administered: 23,339

•Total positive results: 2,488

•Total negative results: 20,851

•Positive results as percentage of total: 10.7%

April 26:

•Total number of tests administered: 22,692

•Total positive results: 2,370

•Total negative results: 20,322

•Positive results as percentage of total: 10.4%

April 25:

•Total number of tests administered: 21,400

•Total positive results: 2,213

•Total negative results: 19,187

•Positive results as percentage of total: 10.3%

April 24:

•Total number of tests administered: 20,890

•Total positive results: 2,176

•Total negative results: 18,714

•Positive results as percentage of total: 10.4%

Cooper’s efforts compare to North Carolina’s, as reported by Breitbart.

When North Carolina’s Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper announced last week the extension of his stay-at-home order until at least May 8, he also said the state will not move into Phase One of an economic reopening even after that date until two criteria are met.

•A decrease or sustained level in the number of cases,  and

•A decrease in the percentage of positive tests

Those Phase One criteria differ in several ways from the Phase One criteria identified in the guidelines established by the Trump administration last week.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
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2 Thoughts to “Cooper Extends Nashville’s Safer at Home Until at Least May 8”

  1. Ron Welch

    Why is there NO concern by officialdom, the media and the supposed medical experts for the flu??
    Two years ago, 80,000 died and this year was predicted to be another bad one, but NOTHING about it have I seen or heard in the media!

    Why is there NOTHING about strengthening our immune systems? That is a huge factor in prevention and making an infection much milder. But NO information or recommendations! They say, “shelter in place, and close parks, but being OUTSIDE is much healthier and we get Vitamin D from sunlight which is an ESSENTIAL nutrient for strong immunit along with Vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. But NOTHING! Why?

    It seems that officialdom and the medical experts care little or nothing for our health, but are more interested in using this virus as a pretext to impose ILLEGAL power.

  2. Angelito

    43% of Italians who tested positive had ZERO symptoms.

    IMHE predicted up to 1.7 million deaths in the US; we now know—as reasonable people suspected—that the number will be around 70,000.

    This is government-fueled fearmongering to seize power. It is time to march in the streets and tell these socialists to stuff it. Mayor Cooper can furlough Metro employees and show them the same pain he has inflicted on the private sector.