Oregon Man Arrested in Minnesota Was Traveling to White House to Kill President Trump


An Oregon man who was arrested this week in Minnesota was apparently on his way to the White House to kill President Donald Trump.

Jail records show 30-year-old Nicholas Daniel Bylotas was taken into custody Tuesday and is being held at the Sherburne County Jail on a felony charge of making threats against the president.

According to a federal affidavit obtained by The Oregonian, authorities arrested Bylotas after he told a U.S. Secret Service agent that he was going “directly to see the president.” Authorities arrested him in Minnesota and believe he was traveling eastward to Washington, D.C.

As recently as last week, Bylotas said on Facebook that he was going “to stomp” the president’s “baby skull against the sidewalk,” the affidavit reveals.

“We have to kill Donald Trump because he is a known evil and is doing a job that is supposed to be for good people,” he wrote on Facebook last week. “The law is supposed to stop that from happening. I am the Revolution. Execute the traitors.”

Social media posts uncovered by journalist Andy Ngo suggest that Bylotas supported the presidential campaigns of Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Bylotas acknowledged on Twitter in February that he was being watched by “the FBI and others” for “terror.”

“Eat the rich indeed. They shall fall like colossi,” he said, stating in another post that people like Trump need to be killed “before they become president.”

The federal affidavit claims Bylotas was fired from Intel earlier this year after he sent threatening emails to the company’s CEO.

Detective Jeremy Chedester contacted Bylotas in late January after he urged Trump to “surrender peacefully and agree to my conditions, or prepare for your doom.” Chedester placed a mental health hold on Bylotas, who briefly received treatment at the Unity Center for Behavioral Health in Portland. According to the affidavit, he was released February 12 in an “improved condition” and didn’t meet the criteria for an involuntary commitment.

The Secret Service was contacted this week after Bylotas said on Facebook that he was traveling to the White House and posted pictures of his travels online.

“Do you want to join me for the journey to the White House? I am going to go over there and disrupt whatever the hell they are trying to hurt the people with,” he said.

In another social media post this week, Bylotas said he would “like to see more forward destructive action happen to the USA.”

Bylotas reportedly had a detention hearing scheduled for Friday. The federal charge of making threats against the president comes with a penalty of up to five years in prison.

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