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4 Thoughts to “Beacon Center Disagrees With Court Ruling That Decreed Education Savings Accounts are Unconstitutional”

  1. Beatrice Shaw

    This group is not even relevant to a court decision.

  2. M. Flatt

    In times of change, the ones that shout the loudest are the ones that stand to lose the most by the change.

    You know, if “the highway” is the preferred choice, than maybe you need to reconsider “your way”. These private schools are reputed to be better than the public schools for a reason. Part of that reason is the quality of the entering students.

    I’m really confused, though. If this is a “pilot program”, then there are plans to expand it eventually, correct? I don’t see the logic in the “everybody or nobody” reasoning, here.

  3. Kevin

    Where’s the American Civil Liberties UNION and Southern POVERTY Law Center contesting the unconstitutional forced shutdown of Nashville schools, churches and businesses? Are they really trying to protect the kids that continue to suffer through a pathetic public school system or are they protecting their name sakes, unions and poverty?

    The fact that both organizations are supporting this law suit, is all you need to know.

    1. JB

      ACLU ans SPLC are both Liberal Communist groups bent on control and destruction of America.