KT McFarland: ‘If the FBI, Mueller Investigation, and Intelligence Communities Can Do That to People Like Us, They Can Do it to Anybody’

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Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed former Deputy National Security Advisor and author of “Revolution: Trump, Washington and We the People” KT McFarland to the newsmakers line.

During the third hour, McFarland talked about her new book and her contentment with positive reviews from both President Trump and his administration. She also weighed in on the new findings of the exoneration of Michael Flynn and gave testimony to the abuse of power she witnessed herself by the FBI and Department of Justice.

Leahy: We are joined once again by our good friend former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump, KT McFarland. Author of Revolution: Trump, Washington, and We the People. Good morning KT.

McFarland: It’s great to be back with you Michael. How have you been in lockdown? (Chuckles)

Leahy: Well in Williamson County where I live the lockdown is beginning to end but it’s still going on in Davidson County where we have our studios here in Nashville. How about you? Have you been locked down?

McFarland: Well, I live in New York and so New York is completely locked down and will be for a long time.  I flew to Sarasota, Florida to be with my daughter, son in law, and grandson, so we just decided to stay in Florida for the lockdown. I’m a good grannie.

Leahy: Congratulations on that. The good news for you KT is you maybe locked down but you’re not locked up. Right?


McFarland: I must say. Oh God, Michael. You know something its really sick humor but its true because of the Mueller Investigation as I write about in my new book which is now coming out in great detail. The Mueller Investigation, the FBI, and the Department of Justice targeted Flynn. Targeted me.

Leahy: Your former boss.

McFarland: I was Mike Flynn’s Deputy at the White House and the FBI targeted him. Now they targeted him for a couple of reasons. One, they didn’t really care about Flynn and me that much. They just wanted to get to Trump. The tricks they used were perjury traps where they seized all of our files and they interviewed me and Flynn.

And they would say what about this phone call Tuesday night. And you get it wrong and you think well it was Wednesday morning. They could jump in and say you are lying. You should have remembered that. So that’s the perjury trap and we’re going to charge you with perjury. They had the answer key. They were basically quizzing me and Flynn on everything we had done. Every phone call. Every text message. Every email.

And without access to my own files because they didn’t give me access. They wouldn’t turn anything over to me. They had over cherry-picking what they wanted. It was very difficult to not fall into their trap. Andrew McCabe talked about it sure.

Leahy: Another Andrew. Andrew McCarthy, I saw his piece and he was on Tucker Carlson and said look here’s the reason they went after Flynn and KT McFarland. He focused on Flynn primarily. Flynn actually knew what he was doing in the intelligence community and they knew that he would figure out very soon that the intelligence folks had tried to set Donald Trump up with this phony Russia investigation and they wanted to proactively stop that. That was the motivation. Did that argument make sense to you from Andrew McCarthy?

McFarland: Absolutely. Flynn and I talked about it even with the president about informing the intelligence community. There were stories about it in the media during that Flynn what he had done when he was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency which was to streamline it.

Change how they collect information and analyzed it. The rest of the intelligence community the 16 scrawling agencies knew Flynn was going to look at them. So in that looking at them, not only cozy lifelong and power be threatened but it would have threatened to reveal and uncover the abuses of power that went on during the campaign against Trump.

Leahy: Everything that I’ve seen indicates that the FBI, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok they basically tried to trap Mike Flynn and it looks like to me they violated the law. This is all coming out. I think he’s going to end up being exonerated. What’s your take on this?

McFarland: Not only exonerated. Because not only were they trying to a perjury trap him, but they also blackmailed him. They went to him and said we are going to charge your son with crimes. We’ll figure out those crimes later. We’re going to charge your son with crimes unless you plead guilty to these crimes.

I think he pleads guilty to crimes he didn’t commit to save his son and sacrifice himself. I refused to plead guilty to crimes I didn’t commit. I was in a different situation. But not only should Flynn be exonerated that’s a give in. But the guys who did this, you know the Comeys the McCabes.

The guys who were perpetuating this cabal that wanted to reverse the results of the 2016 election by taking the Trump administration to its knees and preventing it from governing. Preventing them from doing all the reforms Trump had talked about.

That was to me a cabal that was trying to undo the election results and try to put themselves above the American people who have the right to chose the president. I hope those guys are charged. It’s not just exonerated Flynn saying you were a good guy, sorry about this. It’s getting the guys that did it. If its just a few low-level flunkies as scapegoats and the senior leaders are never brought to justice then it’s going to happen again and again.

Leahy: How much have you spent defending yourself against these entrapment charges?

McFarland: Ah, six figures.

Leahy: Wow.

McFarland: And Flynn I’m sure lost his house. His retirement. His pension.  I mean he’s probably spent five or six million. And none of its reimbursed. The Justice Department, the FBI, and the committees on Capitol Hill know that even trap even if they can’t somehow get you to turn on your boss that they can bankrupt you just out of the sheer pleasure of seeing Donald Trump supporters getting screwed.

Leahy: Not only is it illegal it’s just pure evil.

McFarland: I would agree! That’s why it’s important to make sure these people are brought to justice. I don’t know the crimes or aware of the crimes they did. But it sure stinks. You have to remember that General Flynn was the national security advisor to the president.

I was the most woman in the West Wing. I was one of the most powerful people in the national security community of the Trump administration. And if the FBI and the Mueller investigation, and the intelligence communities can do that to people like us, they can do it to anybody.

Leahy: Good point.

McFarland: We put this power into their hands after September 11 and it was a good thing. But if you use that power to go after terrorists and mass murderers, I’m all for it. But when people in government use their power to go after their adversaries, we’re in a very dangerous place.

Leahy: And your book, “Revolution: Trump, Washington, and We the People.” Published by the way right here in Brentwood, Tennessee by Post Hill Press. A great new publisher. It seems to be doing very well from what I can tell. It’s in the top 800 of Amazon right now. You’re getting a good reception for your book?

McFarland: Well you’re sweet to ask. Yes. Well, it’s number one in a number of categories at Amazon. When it first came out it was in the top 20. Wall Street Journal, USA today have all ranked it very high. One thing that makes me even more thrilled about it is that it’s gotten very good reviews and particularly from the White House.

I received phone calls from household names that work in the White House and the administration to tell me how much they really enjoyed it and appreciated it. They are using the policy part of it certainly to help formulate on all Trump’s foreign policies.

Leahy: Here’s what President Trump said about your book. Great new book out from KT McFarland. Revolution: Trump,  Washington, and We the People. That’s a pretty good endorsement.

McFarland: I think I’ll take it. He’s also called me on it several times and we’ve met and discussed it so I’m very happy with the reception. It’s not only the number of people who are reading it but the quality of the people who are reading it. And it’s working for me.

Leahy: What’s next for KT  McFarland?

McFarland: I’m going to continue to talk about the issues that I care about.  Obviously the Mueller Investigation and the abuses of power committed by our own intelligence communities. Michael, I’m really peeved by what’s going on with foreign affairs in China.

I think China has planned all along, and I write about it at great lengths in my book. They’ve planned along as the dominant power in the mid-century. And they’ve got an economic plan. A technology plan. A trade plan. And a political and military plan to do so. But what’s happened with the coronavirus is they’ve used it as a bio-weapon.

And whether they intended it to get out of the lab or not once it was out of the lab they’ve used it as a bio-weapon to the world and it’s accelerated their plan. They want to come out of the era, this five year period of this virus.

They want to come out of it as the world’s leader and the United States be ancient history. And they are doing unbelievably ruthless things. Like they delayed the notification of the virus. They suppressed information while they cornered the market on medical supplies.

Leahy: And quite a number of other things. KT McFarland, can you come back to The Tennessee Star Report because this is an ongoing theme?

McFarland: You bet it is and I’d love to come back.

Leahy: KT McFarland. Thanks for joining us.

Listen to the third hour here:

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  1. CCW

    So why do we continue to put up with these so called “intelligence communities” and so called “most prestigious law enforcement agency in the world”. We should treat those communities like we treat our novel corona virus circa 2019. The only good one is a disassembled one, finalized by extreme entropy.