Mark Green Says Pandemic Has Been ‘Made Worse by China’s Deception’ at White House Meeting


U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-TN-08) joined President Donald Trump at the White House Friday for a discussion on the administration’s plan for a “great American comeback.”

Green thanked the president for his leadership in responding to the coronavirus pandemic and criticized the mainstream media for laughing at decisions that have “saved American lives.”

“As an infantry officer, ER physician, and former business CEO, I know that when a leader is caught in an ambush, that leader needs to make split-second decisions with the information on hand. And I am proud of the decisions President Trump has made. Decisions like banning travel from China, which was laughed at and criticized by the press, but saved American lives,” Green said during the meeting.

According to a press release from Green’s office, he discussed with the president how the pandemic has been “made worse by China’s deception.”

“In Tennessee, we are open for business. We’re going to restaurants, businesses are running again, and we’re ready to lead the nation. Tennesseans appreciate your phased plan, and we’re implementing it back home. Thank you for your leadership, sir,” said Green, according to a video of the meeting.

Green was one of five Republicans and the only doctor to be selected to serve on the House Coronavirus Select Committee, which will provide oversight on the president’s coronavirus relief measures. Green, however, criticized Democratic plans to use the committee for investigating the president.

“I’m honored to have been selected to represent my colleagues and the American people on this Committee. However, Congress should be passing bills to help the American people, not creating more bureaucratic committees,” he said. “With more than 33 million Americans now unemployed, eight existing oversight mechanisms, and trillions in new debt, the last thing the American taxpayer wants – or needs – is another committee to investigate the president.”

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5 Thoughts to “Mark Green Says Pandemic Has Been ‘Made Worse by China’s Deception’ at White House Meeting”

  1. Bill

    Sure William, while we’re at it, shut the world down for tooth aches, allergies, bad break ups, hiccups, etc. Why not just welfare the entire country? Would that make you feel safer? Moron

  2. Horatio Bunce

    “In Tennessee, we are HALFWAY open for SOME business. We’re going to HALF OPEN restaurants, SOME ALLOWED businesses are HALFWAY running again, WHILE OTHERS ARE STILL PROHIBITED and we’re ready to lead the nation.”


    Yeah we need more committees like we needed that Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space position Green sponsored. Who the heck in the 7th District was asking for that?

  3. William Delzell

    Green, keep your xenophobia to yourself. Right now, our first priority is to stop and reverse the spread of coronavirus. That will require ALL our energy and concentration. Don’t use China as an excuse to shirk your duties to your fellow Americans which is to stop this disease! Worry about China later after the rest of us are safe.

    1. John J.

      WD, are you still living under that rock? Haven’t you seen that all of the hype has been scientifically debunked. Or, are you still clinging to that leftist group think BS? Wake up and think for yourself!

      Representative Green is a clear thinking leader! And we are blessed to have him representing us in Tennessee and America!

      1. William Delzell

        All I’m saying is that our FIRST priority is to stop and reverse the coronavirus. Once we have completed that task of making our people safe, then, you may look for all the enemies you like. Meanwhile, let’s get our priorities straight.

        It is these right-wingers like Green and Company that put our essential workers such as healthcare workers, grocery handlers, police, fire fighters, communications personnel, and the like to risk. On the one hand, Green and Company wants to get the economy running again but WITHOUT insuring the safety of the workers that keep us afloat. He is like that Nebraska governor who kept a meat plant open despite its high level of contamination that spread outside the meat processing plant to surrounding communities. Yes, I would like to see the economy pick up as well, BUT only if we can assure everybody’s safety. These conservatives care only about their profits, not about the American people. Maybe these conservatives have their own privatized doctors in their gated communities or they have doctors overseas that they can reach by their private Leer Jets.

        John, let’s put the public safety first or these profits won;t be worth anything to anybody, not even to most of the richest one percent! What about your children? Don’t you care about their future? What about these people who are willing to sacrifice other elderly people, except their own families and to Hell with the rest of us?

        You need to repeat your ninth grade Civics course!