Newspaper Builds Convoluted Case to Accuse Rep. Vitale of Being Anti-Semitic for Calling Health Department Director ‘Globalist’


Thinking local is racist, according to The Columbus Dispatch, which built a convoluted case to accuse Ohio Rep. Nino Vitale (R-OH-85) of being anti-semitic for using the dirty word “globalist.”

On May 1, the Urban-area Republican posted on Facebook:

While you were sleeping, UNELECTED Acton declared Ohio closed until May 29th.

Now when you go to bed at night, you have NO IDEA what your rights will be when you get up in the morning. Is this America or Amerika?

Your basic human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness do not come from an unelected Globalist Health Director, who signed the order in the dark of night. Your basic human rights are inalienable and cannot be bought, sold, traded or taken from you.

The Ohio legislature is scheduled to be in session May 4th. It’s time for every member of the Ohio House and Senate to go DO THEIR JOBS, get to the state house and vote on all these unconstitutional orders that defy your liberties and freedoms!

The highest law of the state of Ohio, the Ohio Constitution states … “emergency laws necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health or safety, shall go into immediate effect. Such emergency laws upon a yea and nay vote must receive the vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to each branch of the general assembly…” Article 2 Section 01d – Emergency Laws

The Dispatch cited the far-left advocacy group, the Anti-Defamation League, as saying “globalist” is a term used to say someone is disloyal to a nation. It says:

Although the term is not inherently anti-Semitic, “globalist” is often used as a pejorative term for people whose interests in international commerce or finance ostensibly make them disloyal to the country in which they live, or who are willing to undermine the financial security of their neighbors in order to benefit transnational interests. Because of the long history of anti-Semitic associations of Jews with money and commerce, and allegations that Jews place their transnational ethnic affiliations ahead of the interests of their non-Jewish neighbors, these pejorative subtexts quickly take on anti-Semitic connotations when the term is applied to individual Jews, groups of Jews, or places where Jews are known to live (i.e. “New York globalists”). Anti-Semites frequently use the term “Globalist” as a code word for Jews.

Not “inherently anti-Semitic,” the ADL says in words, but they more than make that accusation in that paragraph.

The Dispatch then referred to a social media post by an ADL official in Cleveland.

In a Facebook post, James Pasch, the organization’s Cleveland regional director, said: “Rep. Nino Vitale’s use of the antisemitic slur ‘globalist’ when describing Ohio’s Director of Health is unacceptable and offensive. … Whether Rep. Vitale purposely invoked antisemitism or not, we strongly urge him to remove that term from his vocabulary, and to issue an apology to Dr. Acton and the entire Jewish community.”

Influence Watch details how ADL has become ultra-liberal since former Obama administration staffer Jonathan Greenblatt took the helm and even removing the words “anti-Semitic” from its mission statement.

The Dispatch also took aim at the Trump Club of Columbus and Central Ohio and two other conservative Republicans — Joseph Healy, a member of the Franklin County Republican Party’s Central Committee, and wife, Alicia, who is seeking to become the county party’s new chair.

So, why did The Trump Club of Columbus and Central Ohio draw the newspaper’s ire? They dared to express an opinion that DeWine and Acton should be impeached. Their Facebook post linked to a petition for impeachment.

The newspaper says Healy runs the Trump Club page.

This isn’t the first time defenders of Acton have used anti-semitic charges to try to silence opposition to her actions.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
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