Bill Hagerty Releases New Video Highlighting Relationship Between Joe Biden Family and China


U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty this week released a digital video campaign ad highlighting what he called “Hunter Biden’s corrupt economic relationship with China” and criticized Joe Biden for defending the Chinese Communist regime.

Hagerty said Joe Biden should have held China accountable for jeopardizing the physical and economic health of millions around the globe. Hagerty said he was releasing the video as more incriminating information about Joe Biden’s closeness with Communist China surfaces.

“Joe ‘Beijing Biden’ continues to defend China’s Communist regime, and so Hunter Biden’s close economic ties with China come as no surprise,” Hagerty said in a press release on his campaign’s website.

“Despite undeniable evidence that Communist China is responsible for attempting to hide the origin and nature of the Wuhan virus, which has become the greatest coverup in human history, Joe Biden and his family’s close relationship with China should be a reminder to all that Beijing Biden cannot be trusted to lead our country. In the coming weeks, I will continue to expose Beijing Biden’s record of favoring Communist China over American workers, as I work with President Trump to bring our supply chain onshore.”

As The Tennessee Star reported this week, Hagerty has also released a video critical of the World Health Organization. This, after President Donald Trump announced he’s halting all funding for the group.

Hagerty said in a statement that the video features a timeline exposing the WHO’s efforts with the Communist Chinese regime to hide valuable information related to the Wuhan coronavirus and calling for a full investigation.

“The Communist Chinese regime lied about the Wuhan coronavirus. The WHO’s leadership has been their accomplice since the beginning. I appreciate President Trump’s decision to suspend funding for the WHO and believe there must be a full investigation,” Hagerty said.

“Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a long-time friend of the Communist regime, apparently has been bought and paid for by President Xi. Dr. Tedros continues to aid in China’s misinformation campaign. By parroting the regime’s talking points, the WHO added legitimacy to China’s cover-up, which diverted the world from the truth — costing valuable time and placing hundreds of thousands of lives at risk.”

As The Tennessee Star reported earlier this month, Hagerty weighed in on China in a FOX News editorial with Andy Puzder. Puzder was chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants and is currently a senior fellow at the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy.

In the column, both men praised U.S. President Donald Trump for “an extraordinary job” slowing the spread of the coronavirus by, among other things, banning travel with China.

“But make no mistake, the efforts of China’s communist overlords to conceal and destroy evidence regarding COVID-19; including silencing their own people, expose this regime’s true intentions: to preserve their power and evade responsibility for their gross misconduct. Communist leaders prioritized regime control over the safety of the Chinese people, the world’s health, and the global economy,” Hagerty and Puzder wrote.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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4 Thoughts to “Bill Hagerty Releases New Video Highlighting Relationship Between Joe Biden Family and China”

  1. Traditional Thinker

    For the fact that you voted Bernie should tell everyone you have no business giving comments. The fact that you’re free to spew ignorance is because of these so called right wingers as well, you’re welcome. One more thing, I’m not wearing a mask, and I doubt your comrads can do anything about it.

    1. William Delzell

      It’s a free country, Ms. or Mr. Traditional Thinker. If people who vote for extreme rightists like Marsha Blackburn, Mitch McConnel, et al. can give comments (and they certainly SHOULD have this right), then so can people with leftist and moderate view as myself may do likewise (and I certainly SHOULD also have this right).

      That’s right (no pun intended): I can’t force you to wear a mask as I don’t carry a badge just as my comrades as you call them cannot do anything about it either. I certainly cannot order you, but I sure can advise you. My advice to you for your own health and your family’s health (especially if you have little children of your own) against the virus is to wear one. As a parent, you need to set a good mature example for your children to follow. If your carelessness ever put your child’s welfare at risk, you would never forgive yourself. I continue to wear my mask or bandanna (whichever is available to me), especially when I enter any crowded areas. No, I’m not going to tell you what to do provided you don’t breath in my face or in any of my loved ones’ faces. You’re old enough to make up your mind on your own personal safety. Just be ready to face the consequences of the covid due to your carelessness. One more thing: remember to maintain your social distance.

      Let’s fight this bug first before we go hunting for scapegoats like China, et al.

      1. Traditional Thinker

        Mr or Mrs Dezell, it’s people such as yourself that believe anything and everything the liberal media tells you to believe. I would speculate that you’re probably you’re petrified of the monster virus, because you believe that this life is all you’ll ever have and you’re scared to death of dying, which means You disagree that there’s a God who created you and will take you out whenever he chooses whether you have your mask on or not. You’re pushing or prey to the fear factor of the world merely because you have a liberal agenda or lack of faith. They’re usually twins in nature so I guess I’ve pigeon holed your true character. Nevertheless, there’s folks in the nursing homes who would sign away their lock down restrictions and roll the dice just to be with their loved ones in the short time they have left. Law suits, that’s what’s driving the quarantine as far as businesses or health care centers matter and fear is what’s driving the weak minded. Yes it is a free country William, and that’s why when people see their leaders breaking the constitution and bill of rights by lock downs, they protest. Problem is you, your liberal friends, and Bernie disagree with freedom in this country.

  2. William Delzell

    Let’s worry first about stopping and reversing the covid virus here; then, worry about China later. You’re using your Sinophobic hobby horse as an excuse to cop out on fighting this disease and to cover up incompetency and wrong-doing by right-wingers. Furthermore, you conservatives need to set a personal example during this crisis by observing hygiene rules: wearing a mask; keeping your social distance; etc. Tell Pence and Trump to wear their masks!

    I am no fan of Biden. I just voted absentee for Bernie Sanders in my state’s upcoming primary because Biden is nothing but a shill for Wall Street and the realtors. With that said, any connections that he may or may not have with China is not one of his faults.