Gov. DeWine Tells Kentucky Democratic Senate Candidate Amy McGrath to Stop Using His Image in Ads Against Sen. Mitch McConnell


Gov. Mike DeWine released a statement asking that Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath not use his image in an “attack ad” against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“Ohioans are focused exclusively on getting through COVID-19 and getting our people back to work, and I’m proud to work with partners at the local and federal level to get it done. It’s for that reason that I’m particularly disappointed with an attack ad by Amy McGrath that uses my image against my friend, Mitch McConnell,” DeWine said in a statement Saturday.

“Mitch and I have worked together for a long time and I know that he is focused, as I am, on this crisis and I appreciate his leadership,” the governor added. “I ask for the McGrath campaign to remove my image from her advertising immediately.”

McGrath, who is challenging McConnell this November for his Senate seat, released an ad Saturday called “About You.” In the 62 second long video, it briefly features an image of DeWine.

“Republican governors like Mike DeWine in Ohio and Larry Hogan in Maryland, and Democrats like Andrew Cuomo in New York and our own governor Andy Beshear,” the add said. “They are all showing us what real leadership is and political parties has nothing to do with it.”

After praising these governors for their work handling the coronavirus, McGrath switches to criticizing McConnell.

“Senator McConnell sees it differently, he doesn’t want to pass what he calls ‘blue state bailouts’ even though Kentucky would get badly needed help too,” she said. “For Senator McConnell, it is always about politics.”

In response to DeWine’s comments about the ad, McGrath said “this is exactly what is wrong with politics.”

“Every comment is, unfortunately, examined through a red or blue lens. In this case, I’m pointing out that leadership doesn’t depend on your political jersey color. It’s about your actions,” McGrath tweeted.

“Governors on both sides of the aisle are doing important work. Governor DeWine is one of them. It is disappointing that he rejects sincere appreciation from a Democrat, and it shows how far we have strayed from our ideals as a nation,” she concluded.”I strongly stand by my ad.”

Cook Political Report, which is a non-partisan newsletter that “analyzes elections and campaigns,” says Kentucky’s Senate seat will “likely” remain Republican. By its rating “likely,” it means that the race is not competitive, but has the potential to become competitive.

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