57 Workers Test Positive for COVID-19 at Tennessee Food Processing Facility


Loudon County Mayor Rollen Bradshaw announced Sunday that 57 employees of a food processing facility have tested positive for COVID-19.

Bradshaw said 57 of the nearly 300 employees at a Monterey Mushroom facility in Loudon County tested positive for the virus.

“Yes, that is a high number but we’ve known the entire time that active case numbers were not a true reflection of total numbers in the County. I was also told that an overwhelming majority, if not all, were asymptomatic. This is a drastic jump in confirmed cases but it does not change what we should be doing to protect ourselves,” he said in a statement posted to Facebook.

Bradshaw claimed that residents can’t “catch the virus from the mushrooms,” but urged customers to wash their hands “after removing them from the package.”

“The company is going above and beyond to reduce or eliminate exposure at the plant and folks who tested positive have been made aware and given instructions. There is still no reason to panic, hoard, or give up. We knew the virus was here and that this could happen. Now that it has happened we need to work our way through it,” he added.

The 57 cases account for 60 percent of Loudon County’s 94 total cases. Food processing plants across the country, especially meatpacking plants, have seen large outbreaks of the coronavirus. The Smithfield Foods pork processing facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has seen 1,095 workers test positive, while the JBS USA pork production facility in Worthington, Minnesota now has 654 cases.

The New York Times identified more than 100 food processing facilities across the country that have coronavirus outbreaks. A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said approximately 4,913 workers at 115 meat and poultry processing facilities have tested positive nationally.

“Factors potentially affecting risk for infection include difficulties with workplace physical distancing and hygiene and crowded living and transportation conditions,” said the report.

The Monterey Mushroom facility doesn’t plan to close, but all employees who have tested positive will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days, WBIR reported. President Donald Trump labeled meatpacking plants as critical infrastructure in an April executive order in an effort to avoid a potential meat shortage.

The Trousdale Turner Correctional Center remains the largest coronavirus cluster in Tennessee and is the third largest identified outbreak in the U.S. with more than 1,300 cases.

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5 Thoughts to “57 Workers Test Positive for COVID-19 at Tennessee Food Processing Facility”

  1. J Duane Robinson

    First of all, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to see what I am writing here, due to no contrast between the background and the letters which I am typing: please fix this, if you will!

    In 1989, an article from a medical institute in the Netherlands was published; the “gist” of this article was that “Vaccines create Covid viruses, or coronaviruses…1989”

    The main boy of this article stated that anytime that livestock are injected with a vaccine, dozens of coronaviruses are created; also any time that livestock are given other medications, coronaviruses are created.

    A new type of organism called exo-somes is creating a stir in the medial field: exo-somes, which look just like viruses under an electron microscope. These “exo-somes” are created when your body undergoes trauma, either physical or chemical (think vaccinations).

    Exo-somes are message transporters between various parts of your body; transporting good message, but also occasionally transporting bad messages.

    Exo-somes do not come from outside your body, but created upon significant trauma to your body.

    During the Spanish flu, and every epidemic afterward, researchers have tried to take the puss from infected people and “expose” other uninfected people to try to get them infected:


    Also, most people do not know that Louis Pasteur, the inventor of “germ theory” gave his theory up before his death, and re-established his friendship with BeChamp’s microzymian or cellular theory (which Pasteur’s GERM THEORY is a small part of).

    In 1992, a chemist won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry by showing that if a person’s blood is kept alkaline (different authors use a range between 7.1 and 7.7 pH: sterile water has a pH of 7.0); however, if you allow your blood to become “acidic” (pH of less than 7.0., then the body itself will create “disease’. Bechamp had thought (chemistry wasn’t advanced enough at the time to prove this) what the Nobel prize-winning chemist was able to prove later, that keeping a pH alkaline blood would prevent germs, cancers, et al, from growing, and the body’s defenses could take care of “bad” cells and micro-organisms, but letting your blood turn ‘acidic’ would allow bad things to happen IN YOUR body.

    Substances such as hydrogen cyanide (HCH), hydrogen sulfate (H-2, S,O-4) , hydrochloric acid (HCl) etc., lack the important life-giving thing that alkalines have – OXYGEN!

    Acids are based on “hydrogen” and alkalines are based on “hydroxides (hydrogen and OXYGEN!)”

    Eating lots of junk food, too much sugar, not enough fruits and vegetables, all things that allow your blood to become ‘acidic’ will lead to the creation of bad health.

    (I would have to enter into a long discussion about the prevalence of hydrogen ratio to oxygen in some acids, but that is not the subject of this article)

    Substances such as most fruits and vegetables, many juices, and fish increases your body’ alkalinity; but most people eat a diet of junk food, “fast” food, much meat et al, which all turn your blood acidic!

    Your body turns against you and creates, germs, bacteria, viruses, cancers INTERNALLY!

    In the 1940s., a researcher took a stomach cancer cells, placed in a highly oxygenated and alkaline environment and turned them back into E-coli, from which the cancer cells had mutated!

    Getting back to my article form 1989, when you give strong medicines or vaccines to animals (or humans), you create coronaviruses. It is something that happens internally!

    The U S military released a 2-year study in 2019: it stated that if you have the 2017 flu vaccine, your chances of getting the 2018 flu goes up around 10-15%; same for the 2018 flu vaccine and getting the 2019 flu.

    However, if you receive both the 2017 and 2018 flu vaccines, your chances for catching Covid-19 foes up 23 percent!

    Another study showed that if you have had ANY flu vaccine in the last 10 years, you will show POSITIVE for the Covid-19 virus!

    Stanford University Medical Center released a study in. I believe. May 2020 showing that teh Covid-19 i s”more widespread than anyone anticipated, and that Covid-19 was NO WORSE THAN THE TYPICAL SEASONAL FLU.!

    Coronaviruses are much more prevalent than anticipated but no more dangerous than the regular flu!

  2. J Taylor

    Nothing to be sad about, People have a virus, most have no symptoms which means they are not sick, their immune system is handling the virus and they are fine.

  3. Horatio Bunce

    “…an overwhelming majority, if not all, were asymptomatic.”
    57 of 300, nearly 20% positive. Three times the positive rate of those tested WITH SYMPTOMS.

    Another “phenomenon” the CDC won’t be able to explain, I guess…nothing to see here, move along masked sheep.

  4. Sandra Thomas

    Employees at Kroger in Murfreesboro not wearing masks.

    1. Rochelle Evans

      So sad