Rep. Phil Roe and GOP Doctors Ask Pelosi to Resume In-Person Work

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U.S. Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN-01) and his colleagues in the House Republican Doctors Caucus recently sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking her to resume “in-person legislative business.”

Dr. Roe said in a statement that the House has the resources available to “resume committee meetings, in-person debate and voting.” The House has been working remotely since late April and recently approved a plan allowing for proxy voting, meaning members can designate a colleague to vote in their place if they can’t return.

Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell feuded last week over the legitimacy of the vote by proxy rule after the Kentucky Republican suggested the Senate could refuse to take up legislation passed under the procedure. House Republicans are reportedly considering a legal challenge to the rule.

“Remote voting by proxy is fully consistent with the Constitution and more than a century of legal precedent, including Supreme Court cases, that make clear that the House can determine its own rules,” Pelosi said in a statement. “Leader McConnell’s comments are deliberately misleading, as proxy voting has long been used by Senate committees. Simply and sadly, he is trying to find every excuse not to meet the needs of the American people.”

An Associated Press report claimed the Capitol physician has privately warned lawmakers that it could be a year before Congress can return to work. But Roe and his colleagues said “there is no reason the House [should] continue to work remotely.”

“We look around the country and see the efforts of people in so many professions. Agricultural workers are ensuring we have an adequate food supply. Health care providers are providing critically-needed care. Sanitation workers are picking up trash. Delivery workers are enabling millions of Americans to stay at home. Public safety officials are working hard to ensure our communities are safe. Congress is essential to our country, just like these professionals,” said the letter.

“Caution can and should be taken; however, returning to work in person is both possible and prudent at this time,” it concluded. “If essential workers across the country are expected to work during this pandemic, the House certainly should be expected to uphold its constitutional duty of considering legislation.”

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4 Thoughts to “Rep. Phil Roe and GOP Doctors Ask Pelosi to Resume In-Person Work”

  1. Nancy to much Ice CreamCauses Brain Freeze

    The GOP House Doctors need to tell Pelosi if she that fearful of the COVID-19 (Chinese Virus) she need to beef up her Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and return to work. Since Plastic Face shield provides additional protection, I would suggest that she pull a clear garbage bag over her head in addition to wearing a mask. That way the COVID virus can get in and the Biased Statements (BS) can get out.

  2. Traditional Thinker

    If Pelosi is a closet Republican, I would hate to see what a true liberal or leftist would do to this great nation. According to you son everyone in the United States is either an outed Republican, or a closet Republican. If your theory is true then there is no democrat party. What an awesome thought that would be. Heck you might be a Republican yourself for all you know. Have you come out from the closet yet? Everyone knows your objective is to create a progressive movement by lumping the two primary party groups together and proclaiming they’re the same party (Republican). If we had a democrat president, the same would be true. Your agenda is pretty transparent. You obviously lean democrat as progressives do, but the country’s not demented enough, anti christian enough, depraved enough,socialist enough for your dream party’s liking, and so you push on…

  3. Cannoneer2

    Oh, please do! Have a meeting and glad-hand around with all the NFIB and Chamber of Commerce folks too!

  4. William Delzell

    Although I’m no fan of Pelosi since she is really a closet Republican, Phil’s demand that she resume in-person work at the risk of getting covid is irresponsible unless he pays her medical bills in the event she gets sick for following the Tea Partier’s advice.