Calls for Mayor Cooper’s Resignation as Nashville Erupts in Violence Following Rally He Promoted

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Nashville resident Paul Frey delivered a simple and direct message to Nashville Mayor John Cooper Saturday night, and Frey said it in only one word — resign.

Countless people took to Cooper’s Facebook page Saturday and scolded the mayor for allying himself with anti-police protestors earlier in the day. They also rebuked Cooper for not taking an aggressive enough stance against protestors later in the day when protestors resorted to violence — by trashing the Metro Courthouse and, later, parts of downtown Broadway.

Cooper, on his Facebook page, said the following after the chaos began:

“This afternoon’s rally for George Floyd and racial justice was peaceful. I attended and listened,” Cooper said.

“We cannot let today’s message of reform descend into further violence. If you mean our city harm, go home.”

To that, Christy Street, who lives in Hohenwald, told Cooper that the whole situation was ridiculous.

“Our city is being destroyed at your hands. We have mothers, fathers, daughters, sons who live there! Shut this down!!! Call in the Guard!!!.”

Niveen Azir, meanwhile, told Cooper that he “is not wise enough.”

“You are the only person we will blame, and will be asked for what happened today,” Azir said.

“Shame on you.”

Meanwhile, Mary Howden told Cooper that his proposed 32 percent property tax increase “will now be used to pay for your riot — good job.”

Chad McCanless told the mayor that people were destroying downtown because of him.

“I will campaign against you hard,” McCanless promised.

Nashville resident Tommy McKenzie, meanwhile, said this:

“I expect you to push for arson charges and destruction of property charges for these that just defaced and attempted to burn down the Metro Courthouse. Oh wait….taxpayers will have to pay for that too!!!”

Nashville resident Norman Edwards, likely resorting to snark, said this to the mayor about his COVID-19 restrictions:

“This was a good rally for a good cause. I see that you are no longer concerned about social distancing. Thank you. I encourage you to get the rest of the state opened up and back to work.”

As of Saturday night, people from in and around Nashville continued to flood Cooper’s Facebook page with one furious post after another.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]








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16 Thoughts to “Calls for Mayor Cooper’s Resignation as Nashville Erupts in Violence Following Rally He Promoted”

  1. Bobby J Appleton

    I would like to thank mayor Cooper for putting many people out of work. BUT he still gets payed.. he will go down in history the worst mayor we have ever had. As I am 82 years old and thank you for upping my taxes, as they were so low before.
    A big thank you

  2. Mark

    What an example of liberalism, so sad. Magoo fits.

  3. Megan Barry

    I’m saddened by these events. But bad cops must be punished. Except the one I was sleeping with.

    1. Steve Allen

      Such a sense of humor, but no remorse.

    2. Don

      That’s really horrible attempt at humor. Who are you douche

    3. Edie Wenczl

      You were the 2nd worse mayor— narcissistic beyond belief—- plus you are mean

  4. Bill

    The path has been paved folks. If liberal idiots can gather in masses and destroy public properties, then we can gather in masses and conduct business as usual. Screw the fear mongering socialist and their media who use convid fake news as an assualt weapon against the hard working true Americans in this country. Your paid riot actors trying to once again discredit our president, yes we’ve seen your plan and propaganda. It’s over.

  5. rick

    Someone needs to look into federal charges being brought against Cooper, his intent for arranging this rally could be with the intent to incite a riot, he knew what was going to happen.. This guy wants national attention good or bad any way he can get it, so far mostly bad. He has done nothing positive for Nashville, he is a disaster, it’s all about him. He is just like Megan Berry he will not leave until forced out.

    1. Don

      That is ficking stupid. The rally was going to happen regardless of him

  6. Julie

    Well said Norman Edwards. I suppose Mayor Cooper will say these people that are rallying are brave for putting their lives in COVID danger for a greater cause. Cooper won’t lift any restriction as it is not what other liberals, including his brother, have counseled him to do.

  7. wesley rowlette

    Just another liberal idiot mayor in a lost list of idiot liberal mayors in this town. Business as usual.

  8. Steve Allen

    It was only a matter of time before unrest started in the one of the Liberal islands of Tennessee. It’s obvious that the Democratic mayors of these rioting cities either think it will just all go away by itself, or they want to intentionally allow the destruction of our nation so it can be rebuilt as a socialist state. I’ll wager that 90% of the states and cities that are under extreme lockdown, AND are allowing this rioting to continue are run by the Democrats. What is with you people!

    Unfortunately, as I have followed this all week, time and time again it’s evident that there are legitimate peaceful protesters, and then there are the instigators of violence. And of course right there on the front of one of the buildings in Nashville was spray painted the Anarchist A symbol. These groups of agitators are funded by socialist NGOs ( funded by George Soros) that hate America and will stop at nothing to end our capitalist economy. The federal government needs to starting enforcing the law that makes it a criminal act to cross a state line with the intent of instigating civil unrest.

    No president has worked more tirelessly to improve the lives of ALL Americans, of all races….and the Left continues to do everything in its power to destroy America. One of the greatest 20th century events in the support of our Constitutional Freedoms was the sun setting of the assault weapons ban. The Left better realize that Americans are only going to tolerate this anti American behavior for so long.

  9. Kevin

    This is what you get when you elect Mr. Magoo as Mayor of Nashville! Maybe now the citizens of Nashville will finally wake up and take control of their City back.

  10. Traditional Thinker

    This is why I would never live in the city. People have nothing better to do but run in swarms and gangs feeding off each other’s ignorance and anger having no respect for anyone else, merely acting out their animal instincts. How about turning your energy into visiting family, sick, or Doing something for someone in need. Take your unbridled energy and hate and turn it into a good deed for someone who needs love shown to them. Will this ever be the case? Probably not. You must have a heart like Christ to understand this alternative, but what a great society this would be if everyone did.