Majority of Violent Nashville Protesters Were Locals


Lt. Gov. Randy McNally declared the Saturday Nashville protests, which he said were “mayhem,” were caused by outside agitators. It turns out the vast majority of the violent Nashville protesters were locals.

McNally tweeted:

What is happening in Nashville is a descent into madness. This is not who we are. The outside agitators responsible for this mayhem should cease, desist and leave our state. The police are not perfect. Those who transgress against our citizens should be brought to justice.

WKRN said that according to police, 21 of the 28 arrested are from Davidson County. Four are from Tennessee, but live outside of Davidson County and three are from out of state.

Metro Nashville Police Department provides information about the arrests, as well as damaged buildings, here. Even the Ryman Auditorium was not spared.

Historic Metro Courthouse

Significant profane graffiti

Fire and water damage

Multiple windows destroyed;

Ryman Auditorium 116 5th Av N

Damage to windows;

WATE said protesters began rioting Saturday by breaking into Broadway bars, looting businesses, and breaking out windows in the area around Margaritaville at Broadway and 4th Avenue. Bars and restaurants were told to close by 10 p.m. Saturday. Windows were broken at AJ’s Good Time Bar and The Stage on Broadway.

Nashville enacted a curfew Saturday night, and Gov. Bill Lee deployed the Tennessee National Guard to all three grand divisions of the state, WSMV reported.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photo “Nashville Riots” by Lauren Farrah.





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11 Thoughts to “Majority of Violent Nashville Protesters Were Locals”

  1. Wolf Woman

    Nashville has its own Antifa chief, Corey Lemley, so we don’t need to have outside agitators come in. Corey did a swell job in organizing the vandalism and mayhem on Saturday. Maybe Mayor Cooper will give him a key to the city.

    Wonder why, in preparing for a Black Lives Matter demonstration, the mayor didn’t listen to the advise of a local black person? But of course, progressive democrats know all about running cities. Don’t they?

  2. Steve Allen

    I guess that’s to be expected. Vanderbilt students no doubt. It’s really too bad that the Left believed that violence is the answer to everything they don’t agree with.

  3. Julie

    That is because we saw during the Antifa riots that most of those causing the destruction were from out of town. I am sure they are recruiting locals now for these acts so it looks more organic. Watched a local news report this morning of an interview with a business owner on Broadway who saw a guy with a backpack dropping bricks on the ground and he said he knew what was coming next.

  4. Kevin

    I can’t blame a pile of dry leaves for bursting into flames when someone throws a lit match into it!

    Nashville and every large city in America is full to the rim with poorly educated “sheeple” caused by a failed public education system, run by elected and unelected “leaders”, primarily Democrats, who profit while their constituents suffer.

    Remember who is suing the State of Tennessee for the Education Savings Account pilot program in Nashville and Memphis. It’s the Nashville and Memphis governments! They can’t be allowing anybody to leave the plantation, can they?

  5. Beatrice Shaw

    How does this man know these are outside agitators? He is clueless. there is no proof to that. It’s a right wing conspiracy

    1. Noralee

      Right-eng conspiracy? Really – No proof to that either.

  6. rick

    Cooper is one of many politicians that are a disgrace. The democrats have made our judicial system so soft the thugs that get out with little more than a slap should spend their life in prison. Like the moron that set the courthouse on fire.

  7. William Delzell

    It would not surprise me, though, if the violent protesters were really government informants hired by right-wing law-enforcement officials to engage in violent activities including against other police so as to discredit the legitimate activists. The paid informants would make it look like the LEGITIMATE activists committed all violent crimes when it was informants who attacked other police and passersby. The most notorious example of the use of violent paid informants is the FBI-run COINTELPRO program that the Senate Watergate Committee finally exposed in 1973-1974. Remember that the FBI at that time fell under the leadership of the right-winged and racist J.Edgar Hoover. Hoover had utter contempt for the Constitution and for low income and minority people. When ever you see what look like left-wing political activists engaging in violence, you can be sure that these violent thugs are really hired RIGHT-WING agents-provacateuses or agents-provacateurs secretly working for ultra-conservatives.

    1. Steve Allen

      William, thank you once again for the history lesson. This is the 21st century, not the 20th. It’s so painfully obvious what the leftest Liberal Socialists Democrats are trying to do to our nation and who is engaging in it. Good will triumph over evil.

    2. 83ragtop50

      Can I get a secret decoder ring like the one you use to figure out all of this conspiracy stuff?

      1. Traditional Thinker

        He and his wife Beatrice are merely trolls continually trying to blame conservatives for what their leftist morons are actually doing. That’s his secret decoder. It’s also referred to as B.S.