Manny Sethi: ‘Cowardly Democrat Mayors, Like John Cooper, Are More Concerned about Political Correctness Than about Protecting the People in Our Cities’

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U.S. Senate candidate Manny Sethi said Monday that Nashville Mayor John Cooper and other Democrat mayors nationwide are too timid to protect people from rioters.

Sethi said this in a press release on his Facebook page.

As The Tennessee Star reported, protestors in Nashville resorted to violence following a rally for George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis. They vandalized the Metro Courthouse and, later, parts of downtown Broadway.

Cooper embraced the protestors and attended Saturday’s rally.

Rioters have resorted to violence nationwide.

“What we saw this past weekend was political correctness run amok: cowardly Democrat Mayors, like John Cooper, are more concerned about political correctness and about what the liberal media thinks, than about protecting the people in our cities,” Sethi said.

“This cannot be allowed to continue. Our leaders have a moral duty to protect our citizens’ life, liberty, and property. They must step up. I am calling on every Mayor and Governor in this country to use every means at their disposal if the lives, homes and businesses of Americans are threatened, and to stop the violent, ANTIFA-led mobs ripping through our cities. They will not quit otherwise. We cannot allow ANTIFA to tear America apart. We cannot allow them to burn our cities, to harm our people.”

As for Floyd’s death, Sethi said that event deeply saddened and angered him. But Sethi also said that America is now talking about what he called real criminal justice reform.

“President Trump had already signed a landmark bill. That was a good start, and we must continue this work so these types of incidents finally end. But what we saw in that video was not representative of most police officers. I have cared for police officers who have put their bodies in front of bullets to protect us. I have seen their courage and devotion up close,” Sethi said.

“Protests are inherently American. The right to petition for redress of grievances is a basic constitutional right. However, we cannot allow what these protests have morphed into to continue. We have moved far beyond peaceful protest into lawlessness. These ANTIFA-trained revolutionaries have no interest in a more perfect union. It’s not about solving problems in policing to them, or helping heal neighborhoods. They want to bring down this country.”

Nashville law enforcement officials arrested a total of 28 people during Saturday’s riots or after that night’s 10 p.m. curfew, according to the Metro government’s website.

Metro Nashville Police, as of Monday, determined that the protestors left 30 damaged businesses and buildings in their wake.

Sethi said in his press release that CNN treats rioting as if it’s a legitimate form of protest.

“That’s wrong,” Sethi said.

“There are liberal radicals trying to incite a civil war by inflaming racial tensions. These radicals are insurrectionists, and should be treated like it. Nobody has the right to riot, to loot, to burn, to attack fellow citizens. Our leaders have a sworn duty to uphold the law, to protect our citizens, to put down insurrection. I am calling on them to do it now.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]




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13 Thoughts to “Manny Sethi: ‘Cowardly Democrat Mayors, Like John Cooper, Are More Concerned about Political Correctness Than about Protecting the People in Our Cities’”

  1. Beatrice Shaw

    How dare you call Nashville’s Mayor a coward!! Have you no decency? You say you want to be elected but your words and actions do not indicate the same!!

    1. Steve Allen

      The mayor of Nashville is a minion on the Globalist/Socialist entity that has taken over the Democratic Party. He is a disgrace to America.

  2. Bruce

    All police should walk off the job now. See if they don’t get a little appreciation then.

  3. MAGA

    Aborted babies “Can’t Breathe”. Planned Parenthood kills thousands of black babies every year. Where’s the outrage?

  4. 83ragtop50

    Mayor Cooper talks out of both sides of his mouth. He tells those wanting to get back to work and to gather in churches that they must be limited in numbers and should keep 6′ apart. Then he promotes and attends a rally undoubtedly leading to rioting where hundreds of people gather. So much for listening to this two-faced wimp.

  5. CCW

    Hope the State Governors understood exactly what Trump was saying…

    If some of these mayors and governors continue to appease the rioters and looters, a new visitor is coming to town.

    Battle rattle ready convoys, M1As, Apaches, and according to my sources, non-lethal irritants, the likes of which has never been seen before. Some, make you nauseous, crawl around on the ground, puking your guts out. Others make you think your skin is on fire.

  6. CCW

    What about? ? ? ? So we can compare protesting libertarians to those current rioters, looters that desecrate monuments, including the new WWII War Memorial, beat people to death, burn down their own towns and means of support, burn churches, post offices, banks, department stores, shoot cops, one still on life support. Dude, what are you smoking?

  7. William Delzell

    What about right-wing anti-lockdown demonstrators? Many of them sported weapons. You fail to speak out against their threats of terrorism. Why the double standard? Manny, you are being “politically correct” in the opposite way.

    1. CMinTN

      Because we don’t burn, loot, assault, and otherwise crap where we eat, unlike the radical left. Stick to facts, not your feelz…

      1. Tommy

        There are many males, not men in the truest sense of the word, who act like feminized, sheep like, little Eunuchs. These are easily controlled by so called “Authorities” who are exactly like their “subjects” but these authorities have found ways to get money and power and with these they are able to “lord it over” their passive, compliant, “subjects” or the “little people” “under” them.

    2. John J

      Mr. Delzell, I was at the Virginia 2nd Amendment rally, back in January. Not a single reported act of violence, brandishing of a weapon, or ANY civil disobedience! And the last activity of the day was for all of the participants to pick up any litter!

      Last month at the two #FreeTN rallies in Nashville, not a single act of violence, not a single unlawful carrying of a weapon or civil disobedience and the last activity of the day was to pick up any litter found around the site.

      So when these rioters act peacefully and leave the area cleaner than they found it…..then I’ll take your concerns seriously.

    3. Tommy

      There is a big difference between people getting angry about politicians preventing people from working to feed their families and evil people destroying others property, and sometimes their only means of supporting their families. What’s wrong with you and what does Right Wing mean? Are you so sheep like and passive that it would be fine with you to deprive people in providing for their loved ones?

      1. Steve Allen

        Of course he is. It is blatantly obvious the difference between conservative protesters who object to their Constitutional freedoms being denied with the excuse of a bogus virus no more viral than a bad case of the flu. Same with the protest in Richmond, VA against the potential legislation limiting Virginians 2A rights. NOW, compare that to what is currently happening in America and you can clearly see the social and moral behavior of the Left compared to the Right. All you Liberal, Socialist, Extremist, Communists, are going to come out on the very short end of the stick in the next 24 months, if not sooner. True Americans have had it with your attempts to destroy our nation. Your time is fast approaching.