Tennessee House Votes to Be Second Amendment Sanctuary Amid Nationwide Riots

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by Jake Dima


Tennessee is now one step closer to becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary after the state House of Representatives passed a resolution Monday strengthening legal protections of gun ownership.

Resolution HJR074, drafted in March, requires the state to “[extend] a safe harbor to Virginians and other United States citizens whose constitutional rights are being violated by elected officials.” It also affirms that citizens have a right to maintain arms equivalent “to those of their government’s basic infantry unit.”

The bill includes language that details an individual’s right to own “semi-automatic AR-15s, AK-47s, and similar firearms” in order for one to execute their “God-given” right to oppose government tyranny. The legislation also reportedly parallels language in a book that claims over 260 million people have been killed by governments around the globe, according to a Fox 17 report.

Tennessee house members voted 64-24 to move to the resolution forward to the state’s senate.

The resolution comes after rioters lit the Nashville Metro Courthouse ablaze Saturday, following violent demonstrations resulting from the death of George Floyd, The Tennessean reports. Floyd died in Minneapolis Police custody after an officer knelt on his neck for several minutes, according to a video of the incident.

The Metro Nashville Police Department said in a tweet Monday that the alleged main perpetrator of the fire had been arrested.

Tennessee Democratic Rep. G.A. Hardaway opposed the resolution, but says he’ll encourage his black constituents to arm themselves. He also said that at times it’s necessary to “use force to ensure your individual liberties and to preserve the freedoms that you want,” according to The Washington Examiner.

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Jake Dima is a reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation.
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5 Thoughts to “Tennessee House Votes to Be Second Amendment Sanctuary Amid Nationwide Riots”

  1. Kevin

    Did Rep. Hardaway think that people would be shocked by his statement regarding Black constituents being armed? As Democrat leadership is being forced to the left by fringe elements, and calls for defunding of law enforcement become more commonplace, every person, of every persuasion, must be concerned about the safety of their themselves and families. Therefore, I’m 110% for every able bodied person being armed.

  2. juspassinthru


  3. Horatio Bunce

    Do-nothing resolution by the Republican super-majority.

    Virginians might want to go to Wyoming, Montana or “socialist” Bernie Sanders’ Vermont. They don’t require a perpetual permit and tax to keep and bear arms like Tennessee does. No BS “regulate the wearing” or “possessing a weapon with the intent to go armed” like Tennessee “law”. Tennessee isn’t a sanctuary – no one alive here in this state has ever experienced 2nd amendment rights. They have ALWAYS been infringed.

    If TN Republicans really mean anything in the Do-nothing resolution, they can start repealing the unconstitutional STATE infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. Don’t need anything new, just repeal the unconstitutional “laws”.

    1. Ron Welch

      True, Horatio, the State has NO delegated powers for gun control laws except for the “wearing of arms”, that is, how one wears what they have a right to carry, but only “with a view to prevent crime”. (Article I, Section 26, Tennessee Declaration of Rights). Such a law may require holstering a sidearm, or using a shoulder strap to carry a long gun.

  4. Ron Welch

    Excellent! But the proposed permitless carry bills should be pursuant to Article I, Section 26 by which the citizens of this State DECLARE that we already have THIS RIGHT and ALL RIGHTS. Armed self defense is a pre-existing basic human right. It is the difference between a free person and a slave. As history clearly demonstrates, anyone who wants you disarmed is pro-slavery and pro-tyranny.