Metro Council Member-at-Large Steve Glover Upset That People Who Opposed Tax Increase Blocked from Speaking

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Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Metro Nashville’s City Council Member-at-Large Steve Glover to the newsmakers line.

At the top of the third hour, Glover called in after an overnight session in Metro Nashville’s City Council chambers regarding the 32 property tax increase coordinated by Mayor John Cooper. He was clearly upset and felt that the people of Nashville got robbed and informed that he will be putting forth another budget proposal by Friday.

Leahy: We are joined now on the line by apparently the still awake Metro Council Member Steve Glover. Good morning Steve.

Glover: Well I don’t know if it’s a good morning but it’s morning.

Leahy: Have you gotten any sleep since this marathon Metro Council session that began at 6:30 p.m. last night and ended at 5:15 a.m. this morning?

Glover: No, I’ve not had any sleep yet because I’ve been on the phone with various stations. Doing interviews with stations. The people got robbed last night. Their opportunity to speak against the 32% property tax increase was taken away from them because there was a coordinated effort. We have a script.

We’re sitting there watching the internet graphics where people are saying keep calling, keep calling. People who were opposed to the tax increase got blocked. It was a coordinated effort. I don’t know who all set it up. There is a script that somebody just texted me and that’s what we listened to all night long was this script.

Leahy: So it was coordinated by obviously the left and people that wanted to jam through this tax increase.

Carmichael: No-no-no. Let’s be clear. It was coordinated by the mayor.

Leahy: Steve Glover?

Glover: I don’t know who it was. But I’m telling you.

Carmichael: Who proposed the tax increase?

Glover: Well, the mayor did originally yes.

Glover: But now we have council members that want to raise it even above 32 percent.

Carmichael: And that’s just to give cover for the 32 percent tax increase. If we are going to have to not raise taxes 32 percent let’s do away with the police.

Glover: Yeah.

Carmichael: It’s the same kind of argument and smoke screen and you have to call it like it is here. My question is I don’t know whether or not there is a potential lawsuit for the orchestration. And I bet you could prove it. For the orchestration of the procedure that is part of our law. The people who get to be heard. How many people actually called in and were allowed to speak about the property tax increase?

Leahy: That opposed it.

Carmichael: Were there any?

Glover: Six. Six people spoke against the 32 percent property tax increase. But hundreds and hundreds of other calls and people that came into the courthouse and spoke to us live all talked about defunding the police.

Leahy: Defunding the police right after the riots. Unbelievable.

Carmichael: That’s just to provide a false alternative. It’s a strategy.

Glover: It apparently worked because my compadres in the council said no-no-no. There is no need to continue this. The public hearing is over with because we heard from people. People got to tell us what they think. Well, I got news for you. No, they didn’t.

Leahy: What’s the next step in this budget process, Steve?

Glover: Get your wallet out unless we can back this down. I’m going to be presenting my substitute budget. I’m hoping I’ll have it all finished. I’ll be handing it in on Friday. If we can’t get a substitute budget passed that will be lower than 32 percent than get your wallet out and start to write your checks. We just got shafted.

Leahy: I read the budget passed 32 to one last night. Is that true?

Glover: I wonder who that one would be?

Leahy: That was you. You opposed it.

Glover: The people got cheated last night.

Leahy: Was this the budget that increased spending by five percent and increased property taxes by 32 percent.

Glover: 32 percent. This was the mayor’s budget that moved from second reading to now it’s on third reading. It’s over guys! They did a great job of stealing your opportunity to be able to speak to the council and let them know what you thought. We don’t have to pass the budget until June 30 at 11:59 p.m. But oh no. They’re going to go cram it down our throats because that’s what they think we need to do.

Leahy: These things have to go through three readings, Steve?

Glover: Right. We’ve already done two now.

Carmichael: And the public hearing is now done. That’s part of the second reading.

Glover: That’s correct.

Leahy: So there was not a fair hearing of opponents to this tax increase?

Carmichael: No. There wasn’t even a public hearing Michael.

Glover: But according to the other side oh yes. We heard what people had to say tonight. Oh yes, we certainly did. I put it out on my Facebook page the script that we got.

Leahy: I see it right now I’m reading it.

Glover: And hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours. I think you get the point.

Leahy: Got it. Thanks so much for joining us this morning. I know you are tired and you answered our call immediately. Steve thanks for all the hard work you are doing to fight this property tax increase.

Glover: I’m trying my best to protect people’s pocketbooks. I’m the person you elected. I am the person elected. I don’t change. But other people have.

Listen to the full third hour here:

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