Crom Carmichael: Black Lives Matter Has Been Hijacked by the Democratic Party as Partisan Political Tool


Live from Music Row Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio.

At the end of the second hour, Carmichael discussed how Black Lives Matter has become a tool of the Democratic party evidenced by their ignorance of Black police officers who have been killed in the line of duty. He also notes that the school voucher programs which would help Black children’s education are consistently being blocked by Democratic establishments across America’s cities.

(Mike Pence clip plays)

I haven’t spoken to general Mattis but I can tell you he’s wrong. This President has done in recent days is what every American expects a President to do in times of crisis and that is put the lives and the property and the liberty of every American first.

Leahy: And that is Vice President Mike Pence talking about the criticism from former General Mattis. Crom?

Carmichael: Here is what’s interesting. Let me go back if I could to Mullen.

Leahy: Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Carmichael: Yes. We are going to go back and forth between Mullen and Bowser.

Leahy: Mayor Bowser.

Carmichael: Mayor Bowser of Washington, D.C. Wallace asked Mullen, he said your name was mentioned as a possible VP running mate for Hillary Clinton in 2016 which she did not deny. And a possible running mate for Howard Schultz. Since Schultz never ran, that doesn’t matter.

He said Trump is likely going to respond to what you are saying in writing. And respond that you are just a Trump hater. Do you plead guilty? And Mullen did exactly what Mattis thinks that any president should do.  He started to pretend. (Leahy chuckles) This worked when Mattis said that Trump won’t even pretend that is so telling about James Mattis, is that he pretends.

Mullen then said this election is about division or unity. That’s what he said. This is about division or unity. Which means, that to Mullen, unity is everybody agreeing that the swamp is a good thing. Everybody agreeing that the government must grow. We must unify around the government.

Leahy: Yes.

Carmichael: We must not unify around the Constitution. We must not unify around the Declaration of Independence. We must not unify around the Bill of Rights.  No, no, no. We must unify around the notion that the government can solve all problems. Which by the way, when you get back to Bowser…Washington.

Leahy: The mayor of Washington, D.C.

Carmichael: She said, this was great because Chris Wallace asked her, Black Lives Matter was accused of increasing spending for the police while cutting spending on community intervention programs. Here is what she said, when it comes to public safety in Washington, D.C. what the needs are in Washington, D.C. and we have invested not a penny more and not a penny less than what we need for safe neighborhoods in our communities.

So she is saying that she is spending exactly the right amount to get the result that she wants which is safe neighborhoods. The question is, are they safe? And the answer is no. Washington, D.C. is one of the most violent cities in the United States. So how telling is this? Bowser is claiming that she is spending exactly the right amount of money because she agrees with the results that are there now. That is just amazing to me!

Leahy: Mayor Bowser also wants to unify the country. Her plan of course is by painting on the road leading to the White House this big mural, Black Lives Matter.

Carmichael: Yes.

Leahy: So back to your point. The only way you can unify is by bending your knee to the left-wing agenda of Black Lives Matter.

Carmichael: Yes. Yes. And that’s where the dragons and whatever that program was on TV. Bend the knee.

Leahy: Yeah.

Carmichael: That’s what you have to do and that’s what all the tyrants wanted. They wanted people to bend the knee to them. When you look at what’s going in Washington, D.C. it’s terrible. And so the murder rate in Washington, D.C., I checked it, is the highest in more of a decade in 2019.

Leahy: Thank you, Mayor Bowser.

Carmichael: Yeah. She says this is what she wants. Here’s what’s interesting. What Chris Wallace didn’t ask her, well are the schools exactly as well as you would want? Are you spending exactly to the penny and not a penny more and not a penny less the correct amount on education?

Because the minority community in Washington, D.C., the educational results are just absolutely terrible. Does Black Lives Matter care about the education of Black children? The answer is no because Black Lives Matter just as  #MeToo is a partisan political movement. It wasn’t that to start but it has been hijacked and it has now been made part of the grievance group in the Democratic party.

Let me say this, that is so incredibly sad because just as #MeToo mattered in its early stages the Black Lives Matter group what they said they cared about has now been co-opted completely by the Democratic party and it’s being used as a tool. Now, we know that because Tim Scott who is a Black senator from South Carolina, and by the way, what a wonderful person and Senator.

Leahy: Great guy.

Carmichael: There are many white Republican senators who do not do what needs to be done in terms of trying to help Black children get a quality education. On the Democrat side, I’ve come to the conclusion that Democrats actually want to be sure that Black children do not get a quality education. Because as long as they are uneducated they are part of the voting block that Democrats can reach out to.

So I condemn Republicans more than I do Democrats because Democrats, I know what they are. And it’s true by the way here in Nashville. It’s very very similar here in Nashville because you’ve done great reporting in your paper about just how deplorable the schools are in Nashville and public schools in general. But for Black children in particular.

Leahy: And Democrats have been leading the charge against the voucher program.

Carmichael: And they’ve been running the city. And this is true across the country. That is exactly why the Black Lives Matter movement now can no longer be about individual issues. They don’t even care about Black lives actually because there have been Black police officers who have been killed and they don’t even know their names.

They don’t even know their names. It’s clear that George Floyd doesn’t represent all Black lives. Because the other Black lives that get violently killed and they are not doing anything wrong at all. And in the case of the police, they are actually trying to protect and defend. Those Black lives don’t matter.

Leahy: And of course the Black owners of businesses that have been destroyed by the riots they don’t care about them either.

Carmichael: Exactly.

Leahy: They don’t care about them.

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