Court Docs Show Man Charged with Killing David Dorn Didn’t Serve Any Time for a Previously Convicted Felony

by Jake Dima


The man charged with killing former St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn was convicted of a felony, but he never served a single day behind bars, court records show.

Stephan Cannon, 24, was supposed to be locked up for seven years following a 2014 robbery conviction, but he received a suspended execution of sentence and was let loose. He also violated his parole after his release on two separate occasions and was still not sent to jail, according to a Fox 2 report, which cited court records.

He was charged with first-degree murder in Dorn’s killing, but would have been behind bars until 2021 if he was incarcerated originally, Fox 2 reported.

“Captain Dorn was amongst other police officers that I had an opportunity to run into before even getting the opportunity to work in law enforcement,” St. Louis police officer Robert Howard told Fox 2. “Those were the individuals I looked up to. They wore the uniform with pride.”

Cannon was charged with shooting and killing Dorn on June 2 as the former captain stood watch over a friend’s business, Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry. He was reportedly left to die on the street as an armed group ransacked the store.

St. Louis was a hotbed for riots at the time of Dorn’s death. Four uniformed police officers were also hit with gunfire after protests and riots erupted following the death of George Floyd, who died after a police officer knelt on his neck for over eight minutes, according to video of the incident.

President Donald Trump extended his “highest respect” for the family of the fallen former captain.

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Jake Dima is a reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation. 





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5 Thoughts to “Court Docs Show Man Charged with Killing David Dorn Didn’t Serve Any Time for a Previously Convicted Felony”

  1. Slimtrb7

    Who is we!?
    We know all too well in our communities the problem we have with crime! It’s not a secret the media portrays all of us this way as thugs rapist and thieves, and uneducated white men feed into that. The fact is police have been for over 100 years harassing beating and lynching black men at their leisure and there was and there is still no consequences, but most white men don’t care about that because they want black men to be subservient to them and they believe that our place is under their heel or in George Floyd’s case under their knee!
    I don’t expect you to understand what the black mans experience is in this country just trying to live without fear but I do expect you to educate your self on the history of the white mans insensitivity, cruelty and oppression of nonwhites, but especially blacks.

    1. Bill

      Most white men want black men to be subservient to them? What era are you in? I could care less how you choose to live your life. Just to group all white men together tells me you have no desire to live peacefully in a diverse society. I never say all black men are thugs and rapist as you say. I have better things to focus on in a world that gives all people, that’s right, all people the opportunity to rise above any situation. Ask the black businesses owners who were looted and there businesses destroyed about that. They, believe it or not, were successful until the riots began. You’re letting the liberal leaders brain wash you my friend. They want to be everyone’s puppet master. Black and white.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Criminal justice “reform” at its finest. Arrest, convict, release back onto society.
    Repeat, repeat, repeat…..

  3. Bill

    I guess as far as the dems and their liberal media think, this Black life didnt matter. Sounds a lot like selective picking. You guys would make the slave owners even cry out for justice.

    1. Deplorable Bay Stater

      Black lives matter only when the killer is white. That way we don’t have to talk about the fact that most (virtually all, as a matter of fact) black homicide victims are killed by other blacks. Ignoring all of these crimes by black perpetrators makes it much easier to talk about the “disproportionate” numbers of blacks in prison and still keep a straight face.

      With all the hand-wringing over the death of a career criminal and drug addict, how much time has been spent talking about this case and the dozens of other cops who have been killed or seriously injured by “peaceful protesters”?