Tennessee Dems Call for ‘Abolishing All Voter ID Laws’ in Response to Floyd’s Death


A recent letter issued by the Tennessee Democratic Party in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis calls for “abolishing all voter ID laws.”

The letter was posted on the website of the Tennessee Democratic Party on Friday.

“We must gain understanding of systemic racism and the power structures that exist in this country – the same systemic racism and power structures that continue to destroy and take the lives of unarmed innocent Black people. By learning more, we gain the understanding necessary to fight these injustices,” the letter begins.

It then urges Tennesseans to protect the “fundamental rights” of citizens, which can be accomplished by “abolishing all voter ID laws.”

“We must make sure that their vote is protected and that they are protected when they vote with access to absentee voting, abolishing all Voter ID laws, identifying and ending modern day voter suppression, and ensuring all Tennesseans have access to their polling locations during early [voting] and on Election Day, despite job schedules,” says the letter.

As The Tennessee Star reported, a judge ruled last week that the state must give all registered voters the opportunity to vote by mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Democratic Party’s letter also takes issue with the phrase “all lives matter,” saying it is “impossible for all lives to matter until Black Lives Matter.”

“These are the lives that are lost daily in a manner no others are. This is the moment we are facing. We must confront this truth if we are ever to save those Black lives,” it continues.

The letter concludes by declaring that the Tennessee Democratic Party “stands with all organizations and people who seek to dismantle the racist systems that destroy too many lives.”

Seven staff members of the party signed their names to the letter, including Chairwoman Mary Mancini, who recently called President Donald Trump “a dictator” for his handling of protesters outside the White House.

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Anthony Gockowski is managing editor of The Minnesota Sun and The Ohio Star. Follow Anthony on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
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17 Thoughts to “Tennessee Dems Call for ‘Abolishing All Voter ID Laws’ in Response to Floyd’s Death”


    i am beginning to think there is no lowest level for stupid.

  2. Ron Welch

    Oh, is this for those who have no government ID? You mean there are lots of people out there with no Driver’s License who can’t drive, buy beer or cigarettes or get government benefits. Well, no problem even if you are for some reason , not able to drive, you can easily get an ID only DL. I know, I have a disabled adult son and it was easy to get one for him. This is ridiculous, there is no problem or imposition on anyone to present an ID to vote.

  3. MAGA

    Abolish Planned Parenthood on behalf of Floyd’s death.

  4. V

    This is about the stupidest thing Ive ever heard of. How does George Floyd have anything to do with voting? If youre a citizen of the USA and have a LEGAL ID you can vote no matter your race…….. this is insane to say the least.

  5. Betty J. Ziesel

    “The Democratic Party’s letter also takes issue with the phrase “all lives matter,” saying it is “impossible for all lives to matter until Black Lives Matter.”

    “These are the lives that are lost daily in a manner no others are” … is BS. The truth is: unborn babies are sucked from their mothers’ wombs everyday in numbers that are astonishing, but not captured and shown on social media. TN Democrat Party leader, Mancini, put that on your website. NO, you want do that because you support the killing of babies, regardless of the color of their skin. The Democrat Party is the guilty party here. They alone are responsible for the evil cast upon this land. Each and every one of them will suffer endless pain in the depths of Hell for what they have brought humanity to. God Bless America.

  6. JJ

    Eliminating voter ID requirements ranks right up there with defunding/abolishing the police for just about the dumbest thing I have heard lately.
    The irresponsible ignorant proposals coming from the democratic party lately is astounding.

  7. Kevin

    This is laughable! Isn’t Mary Mancini the white leader of the group that threw black Representative John DeBerry out of the Democrat Party, because he votes to help give black kids a better education and votes to save black babies from abortions?

    The Democrats are ramping up the rhetoric, because they are losing the black voter. Black men and women are seeing through the decades of lies from Democrat politicians! They know who the real racists are… the white Democrat Party leaders!

  8. William Finch

    In my opinion if people can go shopping at walmart, kroger, and other places, If people can go arm in arm in protest marches and riots etc then we can vote in person with the required ID. The push for mail in voting with proper identification is the worst that can happen to both our state and our United States. It is widely known why this is being pushed and it must be stopped. We must conform and continue to require voter ID and approved absentee voting. Otherwise lets just tear down the border wall, fire all the police, disband the military and go back to the wild west days cause that is where we are heading. HOW STUPID IS THIS?

  9. Beatrice Shaw

    Go Mary!!!

    1. Steve Allen

      Perhaps you can provide the explanation that the foolish Leftist mayor cannot?

    2. Freeman

      Beatrice, you’re showing your privileged, white, Democrat Party racism!

  10. Steve Allen

    The Left is so corrupt that if we actually make it to the November elections, there will be so much cheating and disruption that it could actually trigger the rest of America to finally physically fight back.The Left, as has been evident since the last presidential election, will stop at nothing to destroy the current administration and our prosperity. Americans have witnessed the Left’s true colors during the virus and the riots. While the Left used violence and oppression to make their point, the right will use the ballot box. Their time is fast approaching and retribution will be swift.

  11. Bill

    So act two is now taking place. Scene one involved the dems setting up George Floyd to be killed by one of their fall guys whom through their pandering justice systems that defends the villain and not the victim, fell through the cracks of the system. In act two, they doctor the voting system to play out in their favor to try to remove our president. They must pay people sit around and write these reality scripts while the rest of us go to work every day.

  12. Russ Crouch

    I would say that is a stupid statement, but it is not. This is just another way to make elections go the way you want. ANYONE can vote, just because it would make elections a joke does not matter as long as the right side wins. Sick.

  13. David S. Blackwell

    How dumb can Americans get?

  14. Randy

    Not worth the ink it took to print.

  15. rick

    The Tennessee Democratic Party demands — what BS! This is the party that fuels and instigates racism. Their motto is to use racism as they use everything and everyone to their party’s benefit to get elected to positions of power, it’s all about power, control and money, this party cares only for themselves, no one else. Vote REPUBLICAN !!