Swain and Leahy Take Listener Calls Concerning Trial Suspension and Coordinated Election Year Chaos


Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed former Nashville mayoral candidate and all-star panelist Dr. Carol M. Swain to the studio.

At the end of the third hour, Leahy and Swain took calls from a local attorney and a current high school student. Both callers had individual points to make in terms of trial suspensions and election-year Democratic dramatics.

Leahy: We are joined now by Dillon, a criminal defense attorney in town. He wants to talk with us. Carol Swain is here in the studio. Good morning Dillon.

Caller Dillon: Yes sir. Thanks for having me on. I just wanted to see what you alls’ thoughts are on the suspension jury trials. The suspension of court proceedings. The suspension of justice that’s been going on nationwide for the past three months.

I just find it to be an incredibly dangerous precedent in which we have some new virus.  I don’t see where the Constitution or any of the documents that inspire the Constitution to suspend justice over a marginally worse flu and I just wanted to get your alls’ opinion on that.

Leahy: Dillon, when you say the suspension of jury trials are you talking about the executive orders and the sort of failure of responding to challenges to those executive orders?

Dillon: For instance in Kentucky, the Supreme Court of Kentucky has issued an order saying no jury trials to occur till August or September.

Leahy: Is that only in Kentucky or is it elsewhere?

Dillon: There are other states that have been suspending various hearings.

Swain: Dillon, are they delaying trials, or are they making decisions some other way?

Dillon: Oh, trials have been delayed. Most certainly trials have been delayed. You can’t do a jury trial over a Zoom conference.

Swain: I can tell you what I think.

Dillon: And you can’t do them in person.

Swain: I agree. I believe that the coronavirus for the Left has been a Godsend. I think it was a manipulated effort to change the country. It has not been nearly as deadly as they predicted. It has not been deadly enough to justify the shutdowns and the lockdowns that continue. And if we don’t get back to business as normal we won’t have a country left. And this is the moment to stand and fight for our Constitution because it has been eroded to the point it’s almost meaningless.

Leahy: What is your recommendation on that Dillon? I wasn’t aware. You can see why they are trying to do it. But its a very dangerous precedent in my view.

Dillon: My recommendation would be to And justice is hard. And I definitely sympathize with those who have been immune-compromised or elderly. I definitely don’t want anyone to put their lives in danger. But to those that are afraid, stay home. And let those who are strong enough continue to carry out justice.

Leahy: I agree with you, Dillon. I think that’s a great comment. Please keep us posted. Give us a call next week to update us on the status. We’ll go to Alex now in Mt. Juliet who has a comment for Carol on the election year.  Welcome, Alex to The Tennessee Star Report.

Caller Alex: Hi Carol. I was at that meeting at the Mt. Juliet Republican Women’s group and I was trying to you when you had that little segment for questions. However, you ran out of time. So I guess I can go ahead and tell my comment right now about this. It seems weird to me that every time this kind of mass protest happens it comes on an election year. Like in 2012.

Swain: Right.

Alex: Trayvon Martin.

Swain: Right.

Alex: And in 2016 with Freddie Gray. And now 2020 with George Floyd. And all of them are going during an election year. I would think this is not a coincidence but part of something being used for the Democrats.

Swain: Your right. Your very astute because they use that to whip black voters up so that they’ll go to the polls. Especially during an election year. Especially if they don’t have a candidate that inspires turn out. They don’t have a Barack Obama that’s going to get black people to the polls they have to use something else. And back when the voting rights act had been extended, every year that it was up for extension it was near an election and they would tell black people that their right to vote was going to be taken away by the Republicans.

Leahy: Very good point Alex. Thank you so much for your call. We appreciate it. Any other comments for Carol?

Alex: No problem. For me, here’s the problem with this whole thing. I 100% support the black community not to mention I worked on Carol Swain’s Nashville mayoral election last year. Too bad she lost to Mayor “Chicken Cooper.” (Laughter)

Leahy: Let me just stop for a moment.

Swain: “Chicken Coop.” (Chuckles)

Leahy: Alex, that is a great name! Have you heard that before Alex? Did you just make that up here, Mayor “Chicken” Cooper?

Alex: I heard that all around social media.

Leahy: Have you?

Alex: I think this is the first time you have a teenager on the show. Being a teenager I’m more involved in social media and I see a bunch of those posts on there for who people dislike Mayor Cooper and all of that.

Leahy: Alex you are a teenager?

Swain: I recognize Alex. We took a picture together. Alex, you should always speak up. You’re going to be a great leader someday. I’m sure you are already a leader.

Leahy: Alex, thanks so much. Are you still in high school and are you going back to college?

Alex: I’m still in high school. Our high school is planning to open on time for the next school year at Father Ryan High School.

Leahy: Great school. Great school. Thanks, Alex for your call and keep listening.

Swain: And next time Alex you get the first question.

Alex: (Laughs) Thank you both. Thank you, Mike.

Leahy: Thanks Alex. A great call. What a great day Carol!

Swain: He’s a great young man and worked very hard on my campaign.

Leahy: The phones light up when you are on Carol.

Swain: I would like to encourage people to follow me on Twitter and Facebook at Carol M. Swain.

Leahy: And watch Life, Liberty, and Levin this Sunday night at 7 pm on FOX News. Carol will be on that program.

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