Crom Carmichael: Racial Reform Begins with Education in the Black Community

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Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed in-studio all-star panelist Crom Carmichael.

During the second hour, Carmichael discussed how true racism in America stems from the Democrats who support the very unions that keep black children from getting a good educational opportunity.

Leahy: We are the beacon of hope in a world that’s gone a little bit insane. We are joined by our long time friend and the original all-star panelist, the man who builds the edifice of logic brick by brick Crom Carmichael. Good morning, Crom.

Carmichael: Good morning Michael. How are you, sir?

Leahy: I’m in need of someone who can build an edifice of logic this morning Crom.

Carmichael: I don’t think what’s going on here is random. And I don’t even think it is what you would describe as spontaneous. I think that this is highly organized. And I think that they were simply waiting for something they could use as a spark. I read something interesting, the Communist Chinese Party has 200,000 Twitter accounts.

And there is no question but that the Communist Chinese Party would rather have Democrats in charge than Trump. In particular, Trump. So I think that a lot of the funding, I’m applying logic here. You look at it all across the country and how the media has reacted to it literally claiming that the rioting and the looting happenings aren’t happening.

You look at what’s going on in Seattle right now. There is no other way to describe what’s going on in Seattle other than anarchy. There are people who live in that seven-block area. There are businesses that are there. And the authorities that are sworn to protect the individuals and the property have just decided that they are going to ignore their oath.

Leahy: Actually, not just ignore their oath. The mayor, Jenny Durkan, the mayor of Seattle is praising those that have taken over that seven blocks and kicked the police out of the precinct.

Carmichael: That’s more accurate. You are right. And this is true across the country. The rioters and the looters and the Democrat Party and you have to say it’s the Democrat Party because I’ve not heard a single Democrat who has said that rioting and looting are bad and should be stopped. They will give lip service to it and then there’s always a but.

Leahy: Yes.

Carmichael: So what you see now, and I’ve said this for quite a while that the purpose of all of this and the purpose of the coronavirus shut down and everything is to keep Trump from holding his protest rallies.

Leahy: Yes.

Carmichael: And these are protests against the swamp. So that’s really how they ought to be described as peaceful protests.

Leahy: I agree completely.

Carmichael: Then of course then the media would then be put in a position that we don’t support peaceful protests we only support riots. And they know what they’re doing. And I will also say that I think when CNN’s headquarters were “attacked” in Atlanta, I’m putting attacked in quotes.

Logic tells me that that “attack” was planned and the amount of damage that was done was minimal. I think it was so CNN could claim that the mayor of Atlanta who is apparently on Biden’s shortlist stood up for the property rights. Now she has fired two black police officers. And they have sued to get their jobs back. This is a very very frightening time. It would not be frightening if it were spontaneous.

Leahy: Yes. It is I believe that when we get all the evidence we’ll see that it is organized. You are talking Crom about how the mainstream media are praising the looters and the rioters. There is a guy in town we’ve talked about before, Jon Meacham.

Carmichael: Yep.

Leahy: Jon Meacham is now living in Nashville. He is a well-respected historian. He’s written about several presidents. And we for awhile called him the friend we’ve not met. We’ve sort of changed our view on that.

Carmichael: What has he said recently?

Leahy: He was Morning Joe the other day and here’s what he said.

(Jon Meacham clip plays)

The themes here has to be both restoration and reform. I think that’s where Vice President Biden is. He’s about restoring that vernacular of grace and dignity and the aim of equality that you are right, we have been blessed with for a long time. But it also has to come with reform. Which is what the Vice President said as well. Look, it was eight minutes and forty-six seconds. It’s also been 400 years. And we can’t lose sight of that in the midst of this. I thought Reverend Sharpton did a masterful job yesterday of weaving the particular and the universal together.

Leahy: So there’s Jon Meacham. It’s been 400 years and not eight minutes. He’s a big fan of Al Sharpton. You know the guy who promoted the Tawana Brawley fraud.

Carmichael: He’s a con-artist. He shakes down companies and doesn’t pay his taxes and doesn’t pay his bills. So that’s the guy that Jon Meacham is lifting up. 400 years? What’s he talking about here? He’s talking about when the British brought slavery to the United States.

So Meacham has fallen into The Project 1619 project. How convenient that is and how false that is as a matter of history. Here is a historian who is being dishonest about who brought slavery to the United States. He probably even would claim that the Republican Party formed the Klu Klux Klan which of course we all know is false.

Institutional racism which is government-sponsored and government-directed and edict racism is all over the hands of the Democrat Party. The very party that Jon Meacham seems to think can fix things when they are the ones who have institutionalized all the problems.

Now let’s look at what he said though about Biden. He said he’s offering the language. So here we go. Jim Mattis. He’s going to pretend. Joe Biden has been in public life for 40 years. He was vice president for eight years. The legislation that he authored or co-sponsored was terrible for black Americans. Especially when it comes to prison reform.

Trump is the one who un-did it. So let’s be clear about the history of it. It’s easy to just pull it up and read it. In 1986 Biden co-sponsored drug reform that made small amounts of drugs, crime and sent a disproportionate percentage of black people to prison in 1994. Remember Bill Clinton’s big campaign planks was? He would put 100,000 police on the street.

Leahy: I remember that.

Carmichael: And he did that. He put 100,000 extra police on the street and Joe Biden co-authored the so-called prison reform bill at that time that incarcerated black people in large numbers for very long times. And it is Trump who has fixed that.

So what would real reform look like? Real reform would focus on the real problems in the black community. And it begins with education. It begins with the teacher unions. The Democrats and the media and apparently Jon Meacham think it is absolutely terrible that we have police departments where there are individual police officers who are bad.

And everybody agrees with that. But of the 800,000 police officers across the country, I’ve not heard anyone claim that there are more than one percent bad police officers. That would be 8,000 police officers. But how many teachers do we have?

How many bureaucrats do we have that are in education? How many millions of black children are getting inferior education because the Democrats support the very unions that keep the black children to use Joe Biden’s expression “to keep them in chains.”

To keep them in slavery. This is what Joe Biden is about. This is Joe Biden’s history. The support of union thugs and the government. By the way, Jack Kennedy through an executive order in 1961 allowed government employees to unionize.

There is no more nefarious group of people in this country than the teacher union thugs, not the teachers, and the Democrats who support those teachers. Because they are the true racists in this country. And it’s one thing to be a racist because of what you say. It’s much worse when you are a racist for what you do.

And what the teacher union thugs do, I’ve concluded to it intentionally they want to keep the black population as uneducated as they possibly can. By the way, that goes true here in Nashville, Tennessee. And the data supports it.

Leahy: It’s particularly true here in Nashville, Tennessee.

Carmichael: No. It’s also true here in Nashville, Tennessee.

Leahy: Also true. Not as bad as the rest of the country.

Carmichael: Yes.

Leahy: I stand corrected.

Listen to the full second hour:

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