Dem Candidate On Looting: ‘So What? Burn It To The Ground If That’s What It Takes’

by Peter Hasson


A Democratic congressional candidate downplayed looting and arson during a digital campaign event on Tuesday.

Responding to a questioner who said she was concerned about the left-wing push to abolish the police, Democratic Texas candidate Kim Olson argued that police departments are overfunded, before pivoting to downplaying looting and arson. Calls for abolishing or defunding the police have come in the wake of protests over George Floyd, who died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes, video showed.

Olson took issue with what she said were snipers on city buildings during a protest in Dallas, which in 2016 was the site of a mass shooting targeting police officers during a protest.

“What the hell you got snipers on the roof for in a peaceful march? Even if people loot, so what?” Olson said in a video that was first reported by The Washington Examiner. “Burn it to the ground, you know, if that’s what it’s going to take to fix our nation. I know people don’t want me to say that, but I’m just saying.”

Olson is in a runoff for the Democratic primary for Texas’s 24th Congressional District. Rachel Perry, Olson’s campaign manager, said the candidate’s words were “taken out of context.”

“This quote is being taken out of context,” Perry told the Examiner. “As a combat vet, Colonel Olson knows first hand the human heartbreak of violence. She knows we cannot use force to fix a systemic problem of undue violence and discrimination perpetrated by those who are sworn to protect and serve.”

She added: “We have to rebuild from the ground up a color-blind public safety institution across America.”

Olson’s office didn’t immediately return the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for additional comment.

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Peter Hasson is a reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation.
Photo “Kim Olson” by Kim Olson. Background Photo “Looter Damage” by Tony Webster. CC BY 2.0.





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64 Thoughts to “Dem Candidate On Looting: ‘So What? Burn It To The Ground If That’s What It Takes’”

  1. Barry Irvin

    What a piece of shit another democrap spewing diarea out of her mouth,she needs to dissapear

  2. David Casey

    I wonder if she would feel the same if they showed up and burned down her house? I mean, whatever it takes, I guess.

    1. Rebecca Strong

      I say that is true…burn all these peoples homes…see how they like it

  3. Paul Felberg

    Another DemocRAT!!!

  4. John Doh

    Hey honey, where you live?

    never mind, i look you up in teh internetz.

  5. David Barb

    I have read every single one of these comments and I agree with 99.9% of them, All I can say is for sure that this is not going to end well I don’t know if November’s gonna be able to get things back on track or not. I kind of see a Civil War coming. With crazy bitches like this out there spewing and spouting out poison and violence I don’t know if we can get this back on track or not maybe she’s right maybe we should just let them burn if that’s what it takes that’s what it takes for the democratic controlled cities to come back in line. I’m gonna have to go with Donald Trump 2024 more years maybe he can get this thing back on track God bless America and our veterans God I can’t believe she said that!!!

    1. Susan Smith

      It is scary!
      We do have one weapon left!!
      We can vote them out!!!

      Get off your couch and get your friends and neighbors to vote!!


        Absolutely Trump 20/20

  6. William BROWN

    Well Colonel I am sure glad as hell you never commanded any damn unit is was ever in and as a Volunteer Vietnam combat veteran with twenty year active duty service to this country you make me sick to hell with you and your kind the service is better off without your stinkin ass and most of all the men I ever served with including many fine officers feel the same as i do. the best thing for your ass to do is stick your left thumb in your mouth and stick your right thumb up your ass and wait five min’s then switch your thumbs you dumb ass hole you.

  7. Phillip Williams

    Wow – is that a Dalmatian-fur coat she is wearing? Looks like a gen-yu-wine Dragon Lady to me…

  8. Shirley Wineman

    Cant believe this !!!!!!!
    What is happening to our world?
    And a person who wants to lead goes along with the things being don? GOD SAVE US

  9. Steve Hyatt

    Quote taken out of context, my ass! This Democrat Socialist bitch needs to be beaten in a landslide! While she is giving her concession speech, I hope she looks out the window and sees her house burning uncontrollably by a fire set by looting thugs!

    1. Jacqueline Utley

      Yes take her ass out dont vote for this bitch shes a witch trouble maket

    2. Frank Fargo

      Yes get out and vote!!!!!

  10. Albert R Shumate

    Kim Olson needs to be wary if many in her Party get what they want. The Brown Shirts, aka Black Lives Matter/Antifa will relive the Night of the Long Knives and many others.
    Perhaps people should look closely at the History of Vladimir Lenin and his fellow revolutionary’s he disposed of and many leaders did after him. Hitler was using Lenin’s play book.

  11. Dean Stevens

    She needs to have surgery to get her head out of her butt! These protest need to be shutdown and protester arrested,

  12. Bernie3

    Wonder if she would still feel this way if the rioters and looters burned her house down and assaulted her?

    1. Wayne Prentice

      She would be the first one screaming about police not doing their jobs by letting people get by with something like that.
      Only when a criminal act is against someone else does it not matter to the left. If t is against them, everybody on the right is racist, a xenophobe, or some other terrible person.

    2. Ryan

      Ask that to the mayor of Olympia Washington

    3. Frank Fargo

      Oh that’s different, if they try she will call 911. Double standard!

  13. Mikeditka89

    I am 71 and pray no one is ignorant enough to vote for a sadistic jackass like her, I bet if it was her and her families homes or businesses being torched she wouldn’t be spouting all that crap, if she wants it to burn maybe she should burn her house down and start over, lead by example or shut the hell up!!!

    1. Bernie’s

      She’s all in this together with yall’.

    2. Patricia Wright

      I agree

  14. Holly

    She should post her address, since she’s cool with looting and arson.

  15. Dawn

    You are exactly right!!

  16. Kay

    Here are some organizations that endorse her, so perhaps the looters, rioters, and terrorists should stop by and pay their respects to “burn it to the ground” Olson.

  17. Dan Burress

    It is past time to call in the military, to crush this rioting with whatever level of force is needed.These looters and thugs are the curse of any civilization in any age.It is time to deal with the issue and give them the dire consequences of their unlawful deeds.We are a nation of law, not the mob mentality.We need swift and decisive action.Now!

    1. Wayne Prentice

      I totally agree with you in most everything you said. The only comment I have issue with is that, unfortunately, we seem to be turning into a mob mentality, thanks to the Democrats. They want to stir up as much problems as possible. Hopefully we can get them voted out of office in November. But, that will be a tall order as they seem to have every criminal element and uninformed, gullible voters on their side.

    2. Karolyn Poindexter

      I totally agree! Let our military take control of the thugs! If something isnt done soon, i see alot of good gun carrying people , having to do something they never thought they’d have to do to protect their property and family! Americans that love our country are fed up! Lock and load!


    Hard to believe the mass stupidity to elect sheep herding democrats. Trump will win. if it causes a civil war so be it. Scum cleaning to the 3rd power

    1. June Shaar

      YES, yes, YESSSS !!! You are totally correct!!!THANK YOU!!!

  19. Theda Fritz

    What a bitch she is. What about all the people put out of work by this senseless act!

  20. Todd L Rossbach

    what a real piece of SH#T! Burn YOUR house to the ground B##CH! #TRUMP2020 Get rid of the damn DEMS.

    1. June Shaar

      THANK YOU!!!

  21. Ron

    If she really said this,should she be charged with inciting a riot?

    1. Karen Elder

      Democratic Demonic Woman! Her words have reached God’s ears!

    2. Ann RomanoFuller

      Yrs she should! She took an oath of office to protect & serve and she’s Not!

    3. Martha Neely

      Sounds like a terroristic threat to me and that is punishable by prison.

  22. Christina Kinne


  23. Diane Luttrell

    Let’s start with your property then

    1. Annie

      I agree and sure hope the police don’t help her when she needs it what a POS.

  24. Christina Kinne


  25. Wes Miles

    What the Democrats need, and everyone agitating this kind of Behavior and all of this emoral unrest,needs to be Given the Book of Life, and Repent, before it is to Late. GOD BLESS America!!!.

  26. Patricia

    Hey FBI, this sounds like a terrorist threat!

  27. Ray John

    Okay let them loot and burn her house!!!

  28. Andy

    Could you imagine if the shop owners and family of them decide to stand up to the looters and start shooting to save property and life what theleft would say.

    1. Betty Holmes

      If that’s what it takes. If the police hands are tied by mayor’s or governor s that’s what will happen. Look at that poor man who worked his whole life to build his business. He tried to stop them. The tugs drug him in the street. Started kicking him. He die

  29. David Dench

    Typical communist bullshit. People like this vermin are why the dems party is a shambles. This scumbag needs to be remembered when the shooting starts. She should be among the first to die.

  30. Thompson

    Post the address of her home and see if gets looted and burned. Lead by example.

    1. Myrna Searcy

      Exactly ,they need to post where she lives ,& protest in front of her what her comment says ,then we’ll see what happens if she likes it?she should be ashame of herself?I can’t believed she served in the military?& make a comment like that?wow!that is not a smart way to de-escalate the tension?& she wanted to be a leader of her community?NO?NO?NO? Texas need to checked on just don’t say that kind a shit,you know?DON’T VOTE FOR HER?SHE’S GONNA BE ANOTHER PELOSI?NO MORE OF THAT SHIT KIND I F PEOPLE IN CONGRESS?

  31. Vernon Harris

    I can’t believe that she served what an embarrassment for the armed forces. She should be ashamed of herself.

  32. Megan Barry

    Democrats are only looting and burning their own cities.

  33. Karen

    Well that moron just lit the match to burn her own house down, figuratively speaking. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if someone burns her house down…literally.

    1. Sam

      Let her house burn to the ground after these hoodlums torch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Dorothy Mead

    Now I believe this,, I voted for Trump because said he would take care of our legal system which is A joke, actors play like Judges,
    Rule of law forgotten, Ever State needs to have there judiciary system brought back into line

    1. Sheilae

      Look at which states are out of control you’ll find they are controlled by democrats at every level.

    2. Christina Kinne


  35. JJ

    So does that mean we can burn YOUR house to the ground?

    1. Ron Welch

      When someone openly advocates criminal violence, it’s a dangerous and, it would seem, a criminal incitement. Such reckless talk may very possibly result in, as the old adage goes, “what goes around, comes around”, ” you reap what you sow” and “be careful for what you ask”.

      1. Christina Kinne


    2. Katrina

      Yes!! Who cares!! Burn it to the ground if that’s what it takes!!

      1. Ricky Todd

        Tennessee if y’all vote this wart in office you are not proud of your state or your country! If she’s ok with burning down building and looters then she’s nothing but a terrorist.Kick her ass go bye!

        1. Rebecca strong

          She is a POS