Memphis City Council Wants to Impose Anti-Police Group’s Agenda on Local Law Enforcement


Members of the Memphis City Council now advocate for Campaign Zero, a group that ultimately wants to do away with the police.

And council members want their local police officers and sheriff’s deputies to do what Campaign Zero says.

Memphis City Council Chairwoman Patrice Robinson announced this in an emailed newsletter to her constituents this week.

“The Council also realizes that violence against minorities has been an issue in our country for far too long. To that point, we also agree that reform measures are overdue as it relates to racial disparities and the persistence of inequitable treatment within the criminal justice system,” Robinson wrote.

“To ensure the City of Memphis is moving toward progress in resolving these issues, the Council also passed a resolution in Executive Session requesting that the Memphis Police Department and Shelby County Sheriff’s Office adopt each of the ‘8 Can’t Wait’ principles. These strategies were devised by anti-police brutality group Campaign Zero to reduce and prevent violent encounters between law enforcement officers and members of the general public.”

According to the #8CANTWAIT website, members of the group want, among other things, for law enforcement to ban chokeholds and require a warning and exhaust all alternatives before shooting. They also want police to ban shooting at moving vehicles.

“While we stand by the idea that any political leaders truly invested in protecting black lives should adopt the #8CANTWAIT policies, we also believe the end goal for all of us should be absolute liberation from policing, and encourage visitors to the site to support the range of organizers who are making progress in employing other strategies towards abolition: defunding the police and reinvesting in community,” according to the #8CANTWAIT website.

“If you are from a place where #8CANTWAIT is being considered, demand steps towards defunding and abolition. If you are a legislator who has adopted these policies or are considering it, please know that it will take many strategies to move beyond policing and use this time to learn more and listen to the needs of your community.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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10 Thoughts to “Memphis City Council Wants to Impose Anti-Police Group’s Agenda on Local Law Enforcement”

  1. Judy

    Yeah, do away with the police in Memphis. Give me a break ! Brilliant!

  2. Patricia Law

    I always wanted to go to Memphis to see Graceland, but I’ve crossed that off my bucket list.

  3. Linda Jackson

    Does nobody on the city council have any sense? Memphis is already one of the most violent and dangerous cities around..NOT because of police but because of lawless thugs. Why would anyone ever want to come there to visit if the police are hamstringed and unable to do what they need to do to maintain safety in the city. Why would anyone want to hire on to the police department either? I see myself going to other places to shop and driving miles out of my way to use providers in other cities or other states where the laws are important enough to be enforced. This is the most ridiculous things the council has ever entertained…just ridiculous.

  4. Ryne Bushart

    Take down their Security gates. Pressure their security guards to quit. See where they stand then! When the looting starts, its their homes first!!!

  5. Joe Hall

    These idiots should be voted out of office in next election!!! They don’t have a clue & this goofy vote proves it!!! An emotional vote, if implemented, will results in anarchy on the streets of Memphis.

    1. Jami

      Next election is too late.
      Antifa has taken over Seattle taking hostages, raping and looting
      No police

      Remove these dangerous dangerous imbeciles from office now!

    2. CallMeChaz

      No, they should be thrown out! Who they gonna’ call–the cops??

      I retired to TN last year, and was anxious to visit cities like Memphis. As long as they support this asinine agenda, I will NEVER go there to visit. If I’m travelling, I will go around your city. PC fools–it won’t take long to reap the benefits of your folly. But it will take a lifetime to fix the mess you make.

  6. Mark A Skoda

    Memphis is already a murder and drug capital. This will go really well! Oh and no security in the chambers or at you silly meetings? Yeah, I thought not! Dumb as rocks!

  7. Ted Greene

    This is the most stupid and ignorant policy that this group of people have ever dreamed up!

  8. Richard Walker

    These guys are idiots , take away their security force first and stop patrolling their streets. Let’s see how safe they are then .