University of Michigan Leadership Moves to Block President Trump’s Action to Combat Chinese Theft of U.S. Research

by Maria Copeland


In response to new restrictions on Chinese students and researchers in the U.S., recently announced by President Donald Trump, the University of Michigan issued a statement vocalizing the school’s opposition to the Republican administration’s latest move.

Signed by the college’s President, Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Research and Dean at Rackham Graduate School, the letter says that these restrictions have “led to understandable worry.” They express resistance to the restrictions on the grounds that “our Chinese students, post-doctoral scholars and faculty have enriched our institution through teaching, learning, research and impact on society.”

The president’s proclamation, issued May 29, cautioned against the entry of certain students and researchers as potentially detrimental to U.S. interests: “The PRC (People’s Republic of China) authorities use some Chinese students, mostly post‑graduate students and post-doctorate researchers, to operate as non-traditional collectors of intellectual property. Thus, students or researchers from the PRC studying or researching beyond the undergraduate level who are or have been associated with the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) are at high risk of being exploited or co-opted by the PRC authorities and provide particular cause for concern.”

The proclamation went on to detail the new limitations and restrictions on students and researchers from China.

UMich, whose Ann Arbor, Flint, and Dearborn campuses received a combined $831,844,000 in 2017, also articulated disapproval of recently introduced legislation, which it describes as being proposed by Republican Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio) “and others,” not mentioning by name Democrat Sen. Tom Carper (Del.), who collaborated with Portman on the bill, which follows a lengthy bipartisan investigation into and suggested strategy to end Chinese theft of U.S. academic research.

The university reassures international students that “our core values have not changed in the wake of new policies and proposals that target this segment of our community and seek to limit the ability of Chinese students and researchers to study and work at our nation’s colleges and universities” and “we share their concerns about any changes that would negatively affect individual scholars and the quality of our university.”

“Please know that the university considers these issues top priorities and will continue to monitor them, strategically engage when opportunities arise and strongly oppose efforts to place inappropriate limits on our international students, faculty and visitors,” the letter concludes.

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10 Thoughts to “University of Michigan Leadership Moves to Block President Trump’s Action to Combat Chinese Theft of U.S. Research”

  1. Margaret Mauro

    and I got a mailing from this institution looking for money. I sent it back telling them I don’t support institutions that indoctrinate students and they come out as Communists. I didn’t even put a stamp on the envelope. I also told them to go to their democrat base for donations.

  2. Clay Ledford

    Correct me if I’m wrong but people that go against things that are favorable to our country’s interest should be investigated for treason. Evidently he is benefitting in some way while willingly putting our country at risk.

    1. Mary Ann

      Really how about they lied about the coronavirus? They knew in October and did not tell the world until December. Are you good with that

  3. Fireguy

    I think this kind of thinking must be some more of that, “Educated but stupid.” No wonder a lot of our youth comes out of collage so unprepared .

  4. MrTea

    Well here’s one that didn’t seem to make much “news”

    Article references NIH program to find career paths for US life science PhDs not finding work in their fields. The mad jumble of the NIH web site does not show this program but the site does trumpet multiple extra efforts to promote “diversity” in life science fields.

    One federal program dis-employs advanced researchers while another attempts to manipulate access to fields being taken over by imported labor!

  5. Patricia Berry

    All those Chinese students do is steal our research. Trump is right. An why do we hire these people from other countries. They are taking jobs away from our scientist an others.

  6. Brandon Johns

    The Democrats don’t want to do anything to stop the spread of Covid-19 from China because they are behind all of this crap. Sleepy Joe Biden and his son Hunter have their hands in China’s back pocket.

  7. Julie

    Less Chinese students and less Chinese money, that is what this is really about.


      You got it honey!